Sunday, June 20, 2010

Roger Sanchez collab may remain unreleased
British pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor has recorded a track for your album. How was it working with her?
I produced a song that the Nervo Girls wrote to and Sophie sang on it. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it on her album and the label won’t allow me to release it on mine. Sophie is a talented artiste and it was great working with her.

thanks to Fran and NunyaB for the heads-up

As if things weren't bad already! I wonder why Fascination are so annoying when it comes to releases. I hope that they're saving it up for an iTunes bonus or an Asian bonus. Sanchez is HUUUGE here I know he's a pretty big name in most parts of the world. They should really let him use the track or at least give us the track as an iTunes bonus or a region specific bonus tracks.

Hopefully the second single comes out soon. They have a good album in their hands and they'll end up screwing it by delaying releases, cancelling collaborations and what not!


Eden said...

that's what i've been saying since a while: her label sucks!
why not allow sanchez to release it on his album!!! dont they have enough unreleased sophie songs to keep on their shelves!!!! omg, that's so stupid, and besides, RS is famous all over the world! he had a huge hit some years ago called another heart or smthg, it was such a nice tune!

Fran said...

Confirmed: Fascination Records IS the worst record label in the world!!

If I was Sophie, I'd pack all my staff up, & leave that record company!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Fascination Records really sucks! I think Trip the Light Fantastic and its singles could have been so much more than it was. And that's not Sophie's fault, because they are fabulous songs! I hope this time everything will be released properly without any delays anymore, but truth to be hold I'm not that optimistic and I wouldn't be surprised if the new album will be delayed once more. Actually, they already screwed up with this huge gap of silence between Bittersweet and the next single/album/other exciting news to keep people interested.

Fran said...

This is a bit off-topic, but could you please vote for "Can't Fight this Feeling" on the Spanish Official Dance Chart?? The single peaked at #14, but after a couple of weeks bouncing up & down, the single currently holds the #21 spot.
Here's the link to vote (you can only vote once per day):

Let's make it Number 1!!
Thank you!! xx

kaushik said...

thanks for the update Fran. I missed this the last time. I've made a post about it now. Hopefully it will get a lot of votes



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