Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Did Bittersweet leave Sophie with a bitter feeling?

I hope not.

Here's the news article from Conorofficial:

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has reportedly slammed her record label, Polydor for failing to promote her latest single.

'Bittersweet', the lead single of her upcoming album, Straight To The Heart only managed to peak at 25 in the charts, mainly due to lack of promotion.

Ellis-Bextor reportedly said: “I think they could have at least promoted it a bit more, 25th just isn’t very good and it’s down to them.”

Her fourth, and possibly final album, Straight To The Heart is set to be released in the UK this August.

No one is sure if there's any truth, or if this statement was even really made. But Sophie tweeted saying, "it's not true! fascination folk are good people"

No need to panic. But, if there is any truth to this (possibly final album) then i think it is our duty as fans to support Sophie. British fans, please go out and buy the next single (or download from iTunes) and help boost her sales. International fans are buying her singles already. Bittersweet is getting some airplay on international radios. BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 didn't playlist the song because of it's poor sales.

Support Sophie guys, please......


Fran said...

I don't really think she said that, but what I do think is that she's actually disappointed with her label. Since "Shoot from the Hip", her label seems to don't have interest in her, & their promotion was too poor in my opinion. Sophie does all that she can, all her best (giving performances on TV, radio & mag interviews, live shows, etc), but without the support of her label, it's a bit difficult. Sophie's label is always promoting Miley Cyrus' music, & that kind of stuff, which is good too, of course, but it's not all about those artists. There are others too, like Sophie, & deserve to be promoted as well as Miley, Lady Gaga or Cheryl (I love Gaga & Cheryl as well). That's it.

Kim said...

If they promoted her half as much as they promoted Cheryl or the Girls Aloud, she'd probably be scoring hits like GaGa and Beyonce. I blame her label for everything, and if Sophie made this comment, she is right in doing it.

Her label are takes more interest in those Joe-who-brothers, Miley-can't-sing-Cyrus and Girl-Can't-Catch-and-flopped.

Really, any other record label would be happy to have someone like Sophie. Good songs. Good albums. Good performances on every stage. What more could one want?

Micha said...

"BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 didn't playlist the song because of it's poor sales"

Dont know where on earth you got that from. Radio one and Two playlist songs BEFORE release. They didnt playlist it, I have no idea why, and I think personally that is why it did so badly. I live in Britain and hardly anybody even knew that she had a new song out!

Kim said...

I think he meant that they didn't playlist the song because of some stupid reason, and the poor sales did not help.

Unlike Heartbreak - Radio 1 & 2 didn't playlist the song for some stupid reason, but later because of the increased sales, they were forced to playlist it.

Anonymous said...

What do you know about her unreleased songs There Is Nothing More I Have To Do and You're On My List (not The List of theaudience era, TTLF era?)?

kaushik said...

@Micha - Kim got what i meant. Sorry if i worded that wrongly in my post

@Anonymous - There's no song called "There Is Nothing More I Have To Do", but there is a song called "The More There Is To Do". It's on the "theaudience" album.

You're On My List is an unreleased track. It hasn't surfaced yet.

Some Sophie unreleased tracks have leaked. You'll find them in my eariler posts:
Colour Me In
Take Me With You
Mr. Friday
Pop Wow
Did I

Anonymous said...

I don't want this to be Sophie last Album :( I've bought bot cd signed and 7" from HMV..... Don't leave sophie alone :(



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