Friday, June 11, 2010

Dial My Number (Live)

Sophie performed 'Dial My Number' in Vladivostok, Russia. Here's the performance.
(thanks to Arrs from the PJ Forums)
It sounds fabulous. Pure disco-pop! 5 stars.

I love how she enjoys performing her songs thoroughly. She is all over the stage. I take back everything i've said about Sophie dancing. I don't care if she can't dance. There's very few singers out there who actually have the energy to move around, stomp their feet, jump, interact with the audience and shimmy and still sing perfectly. Bravo Sophie, bravo!

Here are some other album tracks, live
Starlight (full, low quality) -
Revolution (full, horrible quality) -
Under Your Touch (full, excellent quality) -


Kim said...

I heard about the new single and i was so excited. But when i watched Dial My Number performance i was floored. I love it. It's even better than the Kylie snippets that leaked. Undoubtedly going to be the best album of 2010

Eden said...

Seems all the album is very promising!
However, the choice of NGU as a 2nd single should not be doubted!
It will bring Sophie back big time!!! ;)

Dan said...

Sounds promising! Everything was so quiet after Bittersweet. I'm glad things are finally picking up.

Any idea when the second single hits the radio? Shouldn't she have performed this track live by now?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Indeed, a fabulous song! Not that I expected something else from Sophie! I really like the way she moves with all the stomping. Funny no one has been able to record a good version of Revolution, while we do have good versions of Under Your Touch, Starlight and now Dial My Number.

Eden said...

Charts Update:

Bittersweet on #3 on
yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)))))))

Eden said...


At some point before, Sophie announced that she has collaborated with Dj Roger Sanchez for his new album.
Today, I found his album online but I didnt download it because I checked the tracklist and Sophie's name is nowhere to be mentioned!
So I guess this album is only a compilation and not the album he's working on! I dont know!

kaushik said...

Thats not his album. It's a compilation album that every DJ/producer has, like Richard X had the same thing..check his discography on Wiki

Makke said...

Sophie's off to NEW YORK Gay Pride WITH THE FREEMASONS!!! I smell promotion, YAY! ^_____^

Also, she promised (again) that we're gonna hear 'Not Giving Up' soon, as the video shoot is right behind the corner. =]



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