Saturday, May 8, 2010

That MEGA Sophie Ellis-Bextor post (Part Three)

Digital Spy video interview with Sophie - Watch Here

And here's a lot of videos, which include interviews, promo and some random stuff
(many thanks to Paul for this *appreciates his effort*)
Saturday Kitchen Live - download here
Bittersweet (Acoustic) - Live from Studio Five - download here
Bittersweet + Heartbreak (Acoustic) and interview - The Beat BBC - download here
Album Chart Show Spotlight - download here
Loose Women - download here
Freshly Squeezed - download here

Happy Sophie-ing!


daniel said...

thanks for all these posts! bittersweet has debuted at #25.

Eden said...

@daniel: debuted on which charts?!!!

Eden said...

oh the uk top 40! weird cos i checked it when i first saw your post and didnt notice it! but i checked again and it was there lol i hope it climbs up the charts! is there anythg we can do to help it get it to #1 in the UK?!:S

daniel said...

i don't know what else to do. the song isn't selling itself and not getting any presence in the UK. unless a miracle happens, i think SEB should focus on the next single and coming up with a plan to help it succeed.

daniel said...

hey, after falling quickly on itunes.. bittersweet has begun to climb! it was at #47 for days, then today 46, then just now 45. hopefully it keeps going up. it's still #1 on the physical charts across amazon, hmv etc. i'm hoping it maintains a top 40 spot one more week to give it another appearance on the singles chart website for more exposure!



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