Sunday, May 16, 2010

Frock Me + Five Minutes + 2 Top Ten Hits and more..

Sophie has had two top ten hits internationally. Even though Bittersweet failed to get inside the top 10 in UK, it's at #10 in Bulgaria (thanks to Victor for the info).
Can't Fight This Feeling is #1 in Russia. It wasn't even released there. But it went #1. Kudos to SEB and Junior.

Also, Sophie is still #1 on MTV Dance. I have lost track of how many weeks it's been. But it's been really long. MTV must be playing her video A LOT.

Sophie was on Frock Me where she was interviewed and she also performed her new single.
You can download the interview and watch the performance now
(thanks to Paul)
You can also watch them on youtube instead (interview) (behind the scenes) (performance)
(thanks to Renzo)

Sophie was on BBC. Here's Five Minutes with Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
(love how she ended the interview. she is so funny!)

Sophie was also on Enjoy The Dance Party where she performed Can't Fight This Feeling live.


Eden said...

Well I wouldnt be surprised Sophie#1 @ MTV dance chart... personnally, and not on a daily basis, I log in onto that website and vote like 20 to 30 times lol
and am sure other fans like me are doing so as well! so that would be a lot of votes to make sure Sophie still holding on to the #1 spot!

Eden said...

well am not sure if it also counts, but bittersweet is also @ # 10 in my country hehe (check the top 20 list)


Mathew said...

Bittersweet hasn't even been released in Australia yet, so no idea what's going on there. I can't really see us getting the album earlier, but then TTLF sorta just got dropped here without a word so I could be wrong...

Fran said...

"Can't Fight this Feeling" was actually released in Russia. The Russian Top 100 is based only on airplay & it's the official russian chart for singles, but downloads or physical sales don't count. So the Russian chart is like the Official UK Singles Chart.

Dirk said...

It's a shame, "Bittersweet" is free falling: Last week 25, this week only 54 (according to Yahoo!, Much disappointing!
So what problem is there?! It's one of the greatest tracks for a long time...

Kim said...

The problem is with the people. They don't want melody. They want easy stuff that they can sing along to.

Mathew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mathew said...

Bittersweet is hardly a song that you can't sing along to! It's pretty much made to dance to, it's not overly complex. The problem in this case is purely promotion - clearly the label doesn't have the funds or can't be bothered to get this song absolutely everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the label have no funds to promote her. She used them all up to make a fucking expensive album. What do you expect?

That said, i think she did do some good promo. Album Chart Show, Loose Women, lots of magazines.

If R1 and R2 played her, there wouldn't be a problem. I think they were the problem. Not Sophie or her label



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