Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interviews with Sophie

Monkey meets Sophie
(you have to be a customer of Orange to view this. Could someone rip the video from there and post it here please? I don't have Orange in my country)

This year sees the release of Sophie's fourth studio album, so our friends at Monkey from Orange decided to get down to the nitty gritty and find out what we can expect from it, who she's been working with and why it's taken her so long to do a solo tour!

Their exclusive video interview with Sophie also sees her reveals her plans for a Greatest Hits album and a possible change of musical direction.

Interview on Pocket TV - Date At The Tea Shop


Anonymous said...

Bad news we can't vote for Bittersweet Anymore on Dance Chart
they took her away :(

Eden said...

hehe well that's not really bad news! I guess that she stayed at #1 for the maximum time on that chat! so I suppose that's good news :D

kaushik said...

Well it's kinda sad that we can't vote for her anymore. But she was easily in the #1 position for a month... (she was in #2 for a very brief period)

Has the song charted in Russia. It should go #1 there. She has a huge following. Can't Fight This Feeling is doing well in France. And the French radios have been playing a lot of Sophie songs... I hope Sophie realises that she is turning into more of a European star. She should concentrate on the rest of Europe as well.

Hopefully the next single will chart well in the UK (and everywhere else)

Eden said...

Bittersweet climbing a #4 in Lebanon :)

kaushik said...

It's good that the song is doing well internationally. I wish we get the charting from Russia soon (and France)


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