Wednesday, May 26, 2010

nothing much..but...

Sophie was replying on twitter to a couple of fans. Seems like we'll get a new single in late summer. I hope she still has the "single in July, album in August" plan.

when asked about what the next single was
@lecarlos somthing other than the one i last said...

Davidavies from PopJustice asked her a couple of questions and she replied as always, bless her!
@SophieEB Hi, I don't suppose you'd have any idea when we can expect to hear your next single, or see the album's artwork? How are you too?
@davidpdavies i am good thanks. new single late summer. album artwork soon... x
@SophieEB Aww, glad to hear it! And the family? Hope Sonny and Kit are okay! Is the cover from the shouting shoot that you did? X
@davidpdavies same photographer yes. shouty photos. kids good thanks.

And someone even asked Sophie if she was going to get signed on a US Label.
@SophieEB any word on your being assigned a u.s. Label?
@VixenMinogue let me get back to you on that one....!


Lucky said...

"new single late summer" <- good news.

"US Label" <- I didn't know about this, it could be intersting. Wait & see.

Thanks Kaushik for these updates.

kaushik said...

Hello Lucky, you're welcome. They are hardly updates. I wish we get some info about the new single and the album soon. It's a little too quiet all of a sudden

M. said...

We were getting a bit too spoiled, I think. :P

kaushik said...

Haha. I suppose. But thats how it is when there are releases.

Just to inform you guys, a sampler was sent to the press. 5 tracks. Revolution, Off And On (original version), Bittersweet, Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer and Starlight...

The new mix of Off And On is, according to a PopJustice member, just an extended version of the original. There's also a new mix of Not Giving Up On Love which is more wistful, according to Sophie.

daniel said...

"late summer single" better not mean album release date pushed back. WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER

Makke said...

@Kaushik Ooh, a sampler? Leakleak soon, soonleak, leakety, I want to hear Revolutioooooooon.....-_- And NGUoL.

@daniel Yeah but we know Sophie, always fashionably late a month or twelve. :D

Kim said...

I want to listen to the entire album. But i'm going to resist a leak right now. I don't want the album to follow Bittersweet and flop. The next single has to be in the top 10 or else this whole project is going to be a massive loss for Sophie



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