Monday, May 10, 2010

That Armin Song (remember Not Giving Up On Love)

This may seem a little stalkerish...BUT

19 minutes ago
you're going to love Not Giving Up... it's fantastic! Armin is great. you'll hear it soon...

17 minutes ago
@SophieEB Brilliant song! x (biffco's response)

11 minutes ago
@biffco thanks. how you? there is a new and improved mix of it now. got that wistful thing in there that i always love in pop.


Eden said...

i really really hope it gets released soon, am sure it'll be more than an awesome song!

Fran said...

LATEST: "Can't Fight this Feeling" has peaked at #1 in Russia!! :D Yaaaayyyy!! :D

Pete said...

Its official - Bittersweet has not done as well as we'd hoped :( One week in the top 40 at #25. Its now down to 130 on Itunes.

If only it got airplay on Radio One and Two. Ive never heard it on the radio and have only seen it on TV twice.

Thanks Fascination, great job....

x-trip-the-light-fantastic-x said...

I love sophie and i like bittersweet but you can't blame a record label for a weak song! it was clear this was going to happen! for some reason sophie picks a weak track for the first single she has done it with SFTH and TTLF there's no one to blame but sophie.

Makke said...

I have to agree with you, 'cause I was expecting this all along. She should have released the Freemasons mix as the single version, instead of the original. However lovely it is, it's far too calm to make it any better in today's charts. :\

Most likely she's gonna release 'Off & On' as the next single and 'Revolution' after that. I'd say she'd better reverse the order. Though I wonder how the new mix of 'Off & On' will sound, maybe it'll be better than the one we've heard so far=?

Or maybe she should release 'Not Giving Up on Love' as a single, even if none of us has heard the song yet. :D
Am I trusting a Sophie + Armin collaboration too much? xD

Eden said...

not at all Makke!
Armin is a trance God! Am positive the song is good!
the thing is that even Armin fans on their forums dont like sophie!!!! so that wont be very good actually!
As for the first choice of single, bittersweet is an amazing song wether the original version or the remix! but i agree that she should have released the remix!!! today's charts are all about dance music! so that's where sophie should be competing and not outside the ring!
as for the second choice! i hope she does that armin song or revolution!and work on playing them on radio 1 or 2! otherwise, her album will flop again!
I heard kylie's new single" all the lovers" and it's reallllllllly good! very nice hook she done with the song! so the competition will be more than fierce soon enough!

Makke said...

@Eden Indeed, 'All the Lovers' is already playing on repeat in my head. xDD

And yeah, she should have let the remix do the charting and leave the original version to the album. And release Bittersweet as a true maxi-single. And balblalbaaaaaaa.

But oh, I truly hope Sopie's label knows what they're doing. Let's hope the next single would do better. :]

Now, gonna shut down the compy and hop on a bus to get to the summer cottage and return tomorrow evening. And I will NOT take internet with me! *fierce, imagine, no internet for almost 2 days* xD

kaushik said...

Countryside? You're going to have so much fun.. have a good time Makke..

Makke said...

No, archipelago! ^^

Was fun anyways, it was hot (in our standards that is, around 20-30 celcius) and saw 6 snakes, one of them poisonous. Can't wait for more. :'D

Glaah, I hate this "in between" part between the 1st single and album release. Unless no new songs leak soon, I'm gonna succumb to... Kylie? >_<

kaushik said...

Haha... Don't ever do that Makke... we're just a month away from a new release. Hang in there. The promos have been sent out to the press. You can expect a leak next month. Even though i don't really want it

Makke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Makke said...

I won't, I love Kylie a lot but she's already so well-known she doesn't need any extra hype from me. And 'Aphrodite' will be a good time consuming element before 'Straight to the Heart'. :'D

Yeah, I don't want any of Sophie's tracks to leak prematurely either. That would be wrong. Not nice. Not...LEAK THEM ALREADY!!!!!<3



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