Sunday, May 2, 2010

Non Sophie related post. I'm not going to be around for the next 2 weeks. I have my exams till the 16th. So i won't be logging in and posting.

If there's anything that needs to be mentioned on Sophiarazzi (chart positions, interview updates, performances etc.,) please leave them in the comments so readers can find it easily..

I'll try to make some time next Sunday. Maybe i'll post the important stuff, if anything turns up. Bittersweet is out on iTunes, and the CD is available on Amazon and HMV. Buy the single and support Sophie. I have ordered for another single (two in total). I've done my bit. Don't forget to keep voting for Sophie on MTV Dance. Here's the link (CLICK)

Aww i'm going to miss you all. And all the lovely friends i've made on PopJustice and Sophie-Online (wait i'm not dying...). See you around folks. Hope to see Bittersweet in the top 10 when i'm back.

Good luck to Sophie and my best wishes to all the readers... Cheers. Kx.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you Kaushik.

Fran said...

Good luck with your exams, Kau!! Take care!! :-) x

Eden said...

Good Luck Kau!!!!

I'll try as much as I can to post some updates starting now lol

videos of Sophie's performance at G.A.Y on may 1st. (very bad quality though):


Heartbreak:(is it me or it sounds more dance ??!!! hope so)

Murder on the dancefloor:



wish I was there :)

TheWV said...

Good Luck Man

Eden said...

Sophie wants to work with Xenomania again:

Anonymous said...

Good news Bittersweet back At number one on the MTV Dancefloor Chart.

Andrew said...

Aww im kind of upset because this is where i get my Sophie news lol. Good luck on your exams, mine are next week. :|

Feedlimmy said...


According to Universal Music Australia.

kaushik said...

I came online cos i wanted to know how the single was on the charts. I'm very disappointed. There must be some promo to boost the single's position.

Someone keep an eye on the charts, we'll know how much it has sold by the end of the week.

Oh, and thank you Eden, Charlie and Feedlimmy. That's really sweet of you guys to take over and keep the blog going in my absence. I'm really happy that Sophierazzi has so many contributors.

Fran said...

"Bittersweet": #38 on iTunes!

Anonymous said...

SEB is apparently having some split sales on the charts - so she's charting in two positions.

If combined, she'll be at #29, which is pretty good in my opinion considering the airplays etc.

She's up to #37 on iTunes and has been climbing consistently these few days, which is quite healthy as well.

Ahhhhhh just hope it could go Top 25 or even Top 20 by Sunday.

Anonymous said...

#36 on iTunes now!

Eden said...

New interview updates from Kau:


It is a slightly startling 10 years since Sophie Ellis-Bextor hit number one with the shimmering Groovejet (If This Ain't Love).

Since then, she's popped up at regular intervals with her peculiar brand of frosty-but-feisty floor-fillers.

We last saw her supporting George Michael and Take That in 2007-8, after which she took a break to have a second child, Kit, with her husband Richard Jones from pop group The Feeling.

Now she's back with a new album, Straight To The Heart, inspired by her recent reinvention as a club DJ.

Friendly and funny, the star opened up to the BBC News website about stalkers, stealing boxer shorts and why people think she's posh.


Your new album sees you going back to your dance roots. What lay behind that decision?

I've been DJing a little bit, so you get used to the fact that music sounds brilliant when it's loud. And then I worked with a lot of DJs - the Freemasons and Calvin Harris and Armin van Buuren - who really do that sound so authentically. I think that all fed into the album's creation.

When you're DJing, is there a particular record you keep handy in case of a dancefloor crisis?

There are certainly some tracks where you put them on and think: 'If you're not dancing to this, then nothing's going to work.' Things like Wanna Be Starting Something, or Young Hearts Run Free.

One of mine used to be Groovejet…

Well, I don't play that one but I'll take your word for it!

Have you ever been in a club where the DJ recognises you and puts on one of your songs?

Yes, it happened to me at a funfair! It can be a bit embarrassing, but I've learnt that you just have to ignore it. Getting up to dance to your own stuff looks pretty pretentious. And leaving the dancefloor when it comes on is just awkward.

Why is the album called Straight To The Heart?

Because that is what pop music does. It's supposed to be something that, in three minutes, gets you right there. All my favourite pop records do that. It's not really cerebral, you just can't help yourself.

The record is very fun and open. It seems a lot of female artists who have children write songs that are celebratory of life…

I suppose it removes a layer. I feel definitely more positive and much more secure. It's a better world with them in it.

But then, I also wrote a song about this stalker I've had on texts.

What happened? Did someone got hold of your number?

I've had the same number for about eight or nine years, so it was kind of my own fault, but I get these messages which I never reply to.

The song's called Dial My Number and it's saying 'just because you've got my number, doesn't mean anything's gonna happen'.

Do you worry that acknowledging this guy in a song will give him the validation you'd denied them by not replying to his texts?

Ah, but they still don't know they've got me - because I might be talking about someone else who's got my number!

The song Off And On has the lyric, 'the time away has done me good'. You're singing about a relationship, but it could also apply to your career. Did you intend to take three years off?

Eden said...

(Part 2 of BBC interview)

I think sometimes it's good to know when to push off!

When I was 21 and doing my first album, people would ask how I was going to stay the distance, and I would say: 'Well, I'm 21 now, so I can actually fit in two comebacks before I'm 30." And I was right!

Isn't it harder to pick back up where you left off each time?

I don't know. You get more interest because people say: 'Oh, you're back. Tell us what you've been up to.' Certainly for me, it's worked well - and it meant I could have babies.

But I quite like that the public has a very short attention span. If I haven't been on telly for a little bit, I can sense it. People don't take as much notice of you, it's really quite palpable.

When you go back on the telly, what happens?

I often get people saying: 'Has anyone ever told you you look like that Sophie Ellis-Bextor?'

And I usually say: 'Yeah, all the time and it's really annoying!'

The public seems to genuinely like you, though. What's the secret?

I don't think anyone doubts my motives, really. I do what I do and it's not very complicated. Of course, you might hate the music that I make, but I don't think people feel threatened by me just getting on with what I'm up to.

What's the biggest misconception people have about you?

Maybe that I'm going to be really serious, or just that I'm really posh. I don't really mind that one, actually. I think that's quite funny.

Don't they assume you're loaded with money, though? It'll always be your round at the pub.

That happens anyway when you're a pop star! Since Groovejet came out people have said: 'Oh, you must be a millionaire!'

I've had a number one record, guys. That doesn't make you a millionaire. Not any more. Not even 10 years ago when it came out.

One of your new songs, Revolution, starts with the lyric "bang bang, it's a hold-up". Have you ever stolen anything?

When Sonny, my eldest, was about two or three, he put some Spider-Man boxer shorts for a 12-year-old boy into his buggy. Then when we left the shop the alarm beeped and I was mortified!

It's not even like it was obviously for him or me. They didn't fit either of us! But luckily they just let me put them back.

If you became a career criminal what sort of shop would you rob?

A food shop! I'm not actually targeting this shop - but do you know the Fromagerie? It's just off Marylebone High Street and it's got loads of amazing cheese and wine.

So you'd steal cheese?!

Yes! Maybe Le Vacherin - the one you put in the oven. That one's good. But all different sorts of cheeses and breads. I love food!

You toured with Take That a couple of years ago. What did you make of Gary Barlow lending his support to David Cameron for the election?

Oh my God, I didn't see that! I don't really want to get into politics and pop. All I can say is, it wouldn't have been me standing next to David Cameron.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor's single, Bittersweet, is out now. Her album, Straight To The Heart, follows in the summer.

Eden said...

2nd interview -

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has been quiet since the release of her Top 15 hit Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) with The Freemasons last year. Her new album Straight To The Heart, which was supposed to be her first Greatest Hits, is due for release in the coming months.

Thankfully Sophie Ellis-Bextor decided a new album was better than a Greatest Hits at this stage in her career and. So you might think that this will be another poppy, happy, feel-good ordeal but truly it isn’t and we really think that after listening to a few tracks and especially the infectious new single Bittersweet (out this week), Sophie Ellis-Bextor is back to her best. EF caught-up with the pop princess and had a chat about the album, single and life in general.

How are you today?

Not too bad thank you.

Your new single Bittersweet is out today. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Bittersweet is a song written by Freemasons and it’s about when you are intoxicated by a new lover that you know might do you harm but it’s too late. A painful pleasure or a pleasurable pain.

You worked with a lot of big dance producers on your new album. How was the experience?

It’s been great! It just kind of happened it wasn’t planed or anything. I think the first three tracks I did with a leftfield dance act called Metronomy then Calvin Harris and Freemasons. So after that I was quite set in a dance area. So it made sense to keep going in that direction and I am glad I did cuz I love the album.

Wasn’t this album supposed to be your Greatest Hits?

Yeah essentially. I started recording songs like Heartbreak and after a while I thought ‘this is a little premature I’m not ready for a Greatest Hits I need to write another album’. So I just decided to keep on that route really.

So is the album going to be mainly dance music?

Yes it’s a very dancy album, with a lot of keyboards and lots of bass.

Is it going to be feel-good like your other albums?

Yeah exactly. Quite positive and quite celebratory.

You’ve been off the music scene for a bit. What have you been up to?

Well I had an album three years ago and toured that album. I had another baby, a little boy last year. I feel like I have been doing a lot, I have been really busy doing gigs. I released a song with Freemasons last year called Heartbreak but this album took about two years to make. I am not really quick with making records (laughs).

Is it cuz you are a perfectionist in the studio?

Well I think it’s more because I am really enthusiastic and I like to keep going until I’m really convinced I am done. So I do a lot of collaborations and work with people around Europe and went to America for a bit. Fill each week with a few writing tricks and keep it interesting and before you know it months have gone by.

Are there a lot of songs that didn’t make it onto the album then?

Yes but the really good ones I’ll put on the album as bonus tracks. It’s not that those songs weren’t as good as the others. When you start painting a picture of what you want to do some songs might not feel quite the right frame work.

So if the Volcano keeps quiet are going to be gigging soon?

Yes I might do a solo tour in autumn and I have a few gigs to promote the new single. I also have a single out with a French DJ called Can’t Fight This Feeling. So I’m keeping busy!

Eden said...

Part 2 of entertainement focus interview :

You are quite successful overseas as well. Are there any places you really enjoy going back?

Well there are always fun places to travel back to like Paris where I just been working, such a lovely city. I love Paris! I actually really enjoy going to Russia as I go there quite regularly. You are on a plane for a few hours and you feel like you are in a place that is completely different. I always like to go to Italy because I love Italian culture. Mexico was brilliant…and South America in general.

Is the audience the same or does it change depending on where you are?

Generally people react the same way to the songs. I find this response quite reassuring. You know music is this unifying force really. If we are talking about types of crowds they are quite similar too.

Do you have any favourite tracks on the album (Straight To The Heart)?

At the moment because its new I like all of them, because they are all like shiny new objects. I suppose I like Revolutions because its quite chaotic and a bit different for me. There’s a song called Starlight, which I did with producer Richard X and its really pretty voice full pop, which always makes me happy. There’s a song called Dial My Number, which is really eighties sounding and electro. I like that too.

That’s really in the moment….

Yeah I’m really enjoying the charts at the moment.

What have you been listening to then?

I just got the new Gorillaz album and that’s excellent and I’ve been listening to Phoenix’s album and Goldfrapp’s. I’m also enjoying Vampire Weekend. I think those are my favourite albums at the moment.

Are you planning on doing any festivals this year?

I don’t know yet but I am definitely talking about it. My new album Straight To The Heart is out in August so it would work nicely. I hope so.

Thank you for your time!

Thank you….

'Bittersweet' is out now.

For all the readers & Fans of this blog, please when you have news about Sophie, post them in the comments section of Kau's last post until he's done with his exams!!! Thanks in advance :)

Eden said...

Just a small detail:

There's a singer called Little boots, and I've had her album for a while now, but it's only recently that I listened to it and really liked it. One thing that caught my ear-attention is the lyrics of her song "Meddle", there's a line where she says "cos she's a mixed up girl in a mixed up world" !!

Daniel said...

bittersweet is currently at #23 on the UK singles chart. i'm hoping it'll break top 20 by sunday, but this was kind of expected seeing as Heartbreak charted at #13 and is very similar to bittersweet. Team SEB should've gone with something different from that typical freemasons sound..

Makke said...

@Eden I noticed that one too when I listened to 'Meddle' (great song btw) after having bought her album last year. Little Boots's cute. :)

Still no quality clip of Revolution on YouTube, gonna lose my mind soon with those bass-filled and bass-killed clips found there...

Fran said...

"Can't Fight this Feeling" is at #5 on the Russian Singles Chart!! :D

Fran said... (Russian Singles Chart link)

Eden said...

New Sophie video interview on digital spy:

Eden said...

NEW competition but exclusive to twitter:(source:

Exclusive 'Bittersweet' Twitter competition
5th May 2010
Right here on we have 5 special goody bags to give away, each featuring a whole bunch of signed goodies, presented in an exclusive Fascination Records Tote bag!

To be in with the chance of winning this sparkling prize in celebration of Bittersweet's release this week, all you need to do is head over to Fascination's Twitter page and RT their comp message (RT this msg to win a @sophieeb goody bag. #bittersweetoutnow)

The 5 lucky winners will be picked at random and one will be announced each day next week - so get tweeting quick!

Tweet this link...

RT this msg to win a @SophieEB goody bag. #bittersweetoutnow

Eden said...

Sophie on your TV this week
6th May 2010
Add these dates to your Sophie-diaries people! You'll be able to catch Ms. Ellis-Bextor on your TV screens performing her new single 'Bittersweet' and getting busy in the kitchen over the weekend.

On Friday 7th May head over to Live at Studio Five for a little chat and a special acoustic performance. (Channel FIVE at 6.25pm)

Then on Saturday 8th May jump over to BBC2 from 10am, where Sophie will be joining celebrity chef James Martin in the Saturday Kitchen and on MTV Dance at 4pm Sophie will be taking part in the dance anthems take-over!

Eden said...

A bit late but better than never hehe

Sophie on loose women

and on Freshly squeezed:

Big thanks to littlefish!



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