Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nice little write up from The Guardian

The Guardian had a really nice review of Bittersweet. I think it's worth posting here.. Sophie is a popstar who is here to stay, 12 years in music and she's still making really good tunes - that is an achievement!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor should seem rather old-fashioned in these days of Ke$ha sicking up her lunch in Paris Hilton's wardrobe and Gaga strapping 20 B&H on her face, but while faces come and go, tunes like this skyscraping electro disco-pop blockbuster never fall out of vogue. If you can't handle her fantastically nonchalant warbletones you're better off making a cup of tea for the tune's duration; but also think about where your life's headed because the signs, frankly, are not good.


Peter said...

bad news.... On the itunes chart, Bittersweet got to 111, but is now falling and is currently at 120. Not having it playlisted on Radio 1 or 2 is proving damaging! :(

So annoying if this doesnt do well, its her best stuff by far!!

Anonymous said...

omg, i was just about to post what peter said. Loose Women is her last chance to put herself out there. i hope they decide on a different single than "off and on" because it's been leaked for almost 2 years and she needs something NEW.

bittersweet is going to flop harder than TODAY THE SUN'S ON US! OMGGGG

Peter said...

Scratch that, its up to 92 now!

kaushik said...

Hopefully it will do better...



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