Monday, August 24, 2009

Teasing again...

The complete lack of updates annoys me, and many others who i've been speaking to. I have listened to the EP too many times, and i'm bored. But on the bright side, i just discovered Heartbreak is still on the charts, #58! Wow... that song is performing really well.

Okay, i'm going to share some inside stuff now - Sophie might end up recording a cover of "Its My Party", the song which she and Dan recently covered live. Listen to the original version here -

Personally, i wish Sophie would stop worrying about covering songs and just finish the ones that she has already written and bring out the album. The wait keeps stretching on. 2 years isn't really that long, but when you're teased with information on the internet which says "Sophie might bring out new material this year", you tend to get anxious and impatient.

If she really wants to record covers, then she JUST HAS TO RECORD these:
1. Crying At The Discotheque (Alcazar) - this song was written in heaven for Sophie. It should be hers. C'mon Sophie, record this. You know how people go crazy when you sing this
2. Crying At The Disco (Platinum Weird) - again, this song would be perfect for Sophie's dry delivery, and its got a really dark disco vibe to it. Would be amazing as a single as well!
3. Fame (Irene Cara) - but not right now, this should be a cover for the GH album..

If Sophie is looking for a #1, then all she has to do is try and fit all these into one song:
1. The "do it feel it touch it taste it" hook from New York City Lights. She needs another hook like that for the new album.
2. The dry vocals with no instruments ending, like it was in What Have We Started.
3. The "runawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" from New York City Lights or the "i said that i would never leeeeeeeeeeave" from Final Move. She does that really well.
4. The spoken bit from Colour Me In
5. The "uh oh uh oh" hook from Heartbreak and Colour Me In
7. The "go go go go go" that she has in Get Over You or the "oh i know i know i know i know i know" from Murder On The Dancefloor
8. The beginning of Mixed Up World with that crescendo diminuendo (is that what its called), the part which has the "whyyyyyyyyyyyy" in it.
9. The wacky ending on Love It Is Love, or that really massive end which New York City Lights has.
10. The mewing "run to where you want" on Catch You
11. The extremely high pitched vocals on "my head is spinning, i think its winning" from Can't Fight This Feeling or "i need somebody's love, half is not enough" from If You Go..
12. The buildup in Heartbreak

What do you think? Wouldn't that be an epic song!?!
(thats actually an older picture, but doesn't she look like Madonna in that pic)


Mathew said...

I think a song with all of those elements would just be a mess, and not in a good way. I'm sure Sophie knows what she's doing, I think you just need to be a bit more patient. It'll be worth it.

CB said...

totally agree with the above. She's not long had a baby who shes gotta look after; they dont look after themselves! If you realy are a fan, you'll give her some time. I understand that the teasing is annoying; i agree it is, but telling Sophie how to write a song? I think you need a wake up call man! Sophie is a singer/songwriter AND YOU ARE NOT!

kaushik said...

Lol, that wasn't my intention.. i just wanted to highlight some of the best parts of her songs. By the way, i'm vocally trained, i've sang for about 10 years here, locally. And i do write songs, i know i'm no Sophie or any celeb, but i do know my music.. anywho, they're just opinions.

Kim said...

A song with all those elements would be a mess, i agree. But what he probably meant was she should try something on these lines again. Then i would agree with the blogger.

Johann said...

This blog sounds more and more like "Sophie moaner fan site". Just. Be. Patient. Really. It'll be worth it.

There's so many good artists at the moment that I could wait two years more, if not more. I am entirely confident with Sophie, I think she's doing the right choices.

I don't care about the charts, thought. As long as she's making music, she's doing it for us, not for the sales, after all.



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