Friday, August 7, 2009

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - iTunes EP

Sophie's iTunes Live EP! - PURCHASE HERE -

On 27th July Sophie rocked up to the Roundhouse in Camden to play to a packed crowd at the iTunes Festival, as part of ‘An Evening With Fascination Records’ alongside label-mates The Saturdays and Girls Can’t Catch.

We have a special treat for you all...

Sophie has released a special iTunes Live EP from the night, which you can get your hands on right now

This exclusive EP features some of the great tracks Sophie performed at the festival, including:

If I Can't Dance
Take Me Home
Catch You
Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)
Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)

Not only are you spoilt for choice with the above tracks, you'll also recieve a digital booklet featuring the fab photos from the night.

That is so Sophie not to include Starlight in there. What a waste of an entire EP. Who would release an EP with no new track!? Fascination are sometimes pretty dumb, and i don't think Sophie is going to come up with any bright ideas either.... (don't mind me, just some frustrated rambling.) Support Sophie, go to itunes and download -


Andrew said...

Sometimes i really think she hates us (her fans) lol. I wonder why Munder On The Dancerfloor is not on there as well? Ohh and i was just brainstorming ideas for a album title while i was driving home from school yesterday and i came up with "Into the Night that Glitters". I think that would be a great title for her new album but that is just me lol.

Mathew said...

Well, in one way you got your wish for a digital EP to be released. That's progress, right? I would buy it but it's not available on the Australian store. I agree that a new track would have been a nice bonus but what can you do?

Gökhanesque said...

Oğğf Where's starlight? I'm going crazy.

Anonymous said...

what no starlight in there? why are you doing this to us Sophie?

Kazimir said...

Honestly, I don't think it is Sophie who made the decision not to include Starlight on this EP. There are so many people involved! Probably because Starlight isn't officialy released yet it wasn't to be included on here. It's more likely to be a decision made by the Polydor-people in stead of Sophie thinking 'how can I make my fans feel even less appreciated?'... Still, I would have liked a HQ mp3 of this live version, but we shouldn't blame Sophie. She's putting more than enough effort into this album, carefully choosing who she works with. She's working hard enough at the moment as it is, playing quite a few gigs even though she hasn't released an album yet, is moving house and looking after two small children. Soph can't be (and probably doesn't want to be either) a full time popstar who releases an album every year. It's barely been two years since Trip the Light Fantastic and since then we've had Love is the Law, Off&On, Heartbreak, Can't Fight this Feeling and some other nice snippets here and there. I'm quite grateful for that and just wish Sophie has a fun time recording this album. I'm happy to wait till she feels good about releasing this album. Why can't Sophie fans have the same attitude as the Anniemaniacs?

Sorry for this rant, I normally don't rant... I'll go try to live a rantless life now in rantlessland.

kaushik said...

Kazimir, none of us would have a problem with waiting if Sophie actually went by her schedules and deadlines. The problem with Sophie is the hype she generates first and then lets it die down and when everything is quiet, she tries to come back with new material. And that doesn't do well..

This album was supposed to be in the "finishing" phase in January. It has been so many months and she is still only finishing the album. I don't think it requires that much time, even if she is a laid back, family oriented popstar.

Besides, she can release the album, and plan for a re-release if she isn't happy with the tracklist. She can always exclude some track and add fresh ones, or just include fresh ones to the existing tracklist and carry on promoting the album.

IMO she has enough material now, she should release a single and continue recording. She can save the album for the first quarter of the next year, and still continue to give us singles in the meantime. When she feels she is ready for the album she can release it.

Two years isn't long at all, i agree, but in Sophie world, you never know when two years stretches on to four!

rx said...

I would buy the songs, but it's not for Holland.
I hate iTunes!



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