Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sophie in the studio

Recent Tweet:
"now with biff and jules. in (sort of) sunny brighton. let's write a hit record! yeah!"

which means..
She is in the studio with Biff Stannard and Julian Peake.
Psyched!!! Good to know the 4th album is on the way.

Other recent tweets:
  • have already made the all important decision of day - what m&s salad selection to make. went for a salmon thingy and edamame one. yum.
  • yes it was me at Alton Towers last weekend. wish i cld always start the day with ride on oblivion. really gets rid of stress. good fun had.
  • new computer! old one got wet. couldn't be saved. so i have good intentions to tweet like the old days now i am back with new laptop. how u?
  • i'm good ta, writing songs etc. have moved house hence twitter absence. tis stressful! all fine now, though. about 20 boxes left to unpack.
(another older picture, amazing isn't it. you can find this picture and more on Sophie-Online)

From this twit, i gather Sophie is still recording:

"yo yo please could you send me the track we started? then i can write whilst en route to you. had it going round and round my head.." (she sent this to Biff)

I find it hard to believe that Sophie would use the word "yo"..


Mathew said...

See! It pays to have a bit of patience. There will always be more news to come, and all of a sudden there's quite a bit :)

Kim said...

Yeah, i agree. But sometimes, it is very frustrating to wait, so i kinda understand the other side as well :)



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