Sunday, August 9, 2009

Response to the EP release

Now, most fans are happy that Sophie gave us "something" to listen to while we wait for the album, but is this EP a pathetic excuse for not finishing the album yet? Or is she genuinely busy working on something better?

First of all, thank you Sophie/Fascination for going ahead with the EP idea that several fans (including me) kept suggesting to you. If you are reading forums (official and unofficial), blogs, fansites etc., you will find a lot of fan suggestions that you could probably use for the album.

That said, i want to express my dissatisfaction with the EP. Sophie performed a new track at the Roundhouse and the least you could do was give us the live version of the song, if not a studio version leak. The whole point of having an EP suddenly seems pointless.

Sophie earlier made a statement that she wanted new material out this year. But now, inside rumours are that the album may not be out this year at all. Which is fine, she could still schedule the release for the first quarter next year, so long as she releases a single or two now.

There is ample time anyway till next year, and she can easily have two singles out before the album. That way people aren't going to forget her all over again. And she can continue recording the album between the promotion activities and later decide on a tracklist. She has several months to do all that. Sophie has recorde about 29 songs for the album, so what i'm expecting from the album (as are the other fans) apart from a number of singles is a number of b-sides.

She could try this:
September end - single release (preferably a Calvin Harris song)
October, November - promoting the single
December end - single release (this should be better than the former single cos the album will follow, and this song will have an impact on the album)
January - promoting the single, and pre-album gigs
February, March - single release along with the album
April, May, June - tour
May beginning - single release
June - promotion
July end - final single


Isabela said...

My gosh, the album isn't going to be released this year? Afff... this is lamentable!

Anyways, if she's not releasing it this year, I do like your 'schedule' - she should definitely release at least one single this year, otherwise, people will forget her once again...

Anonymous said...

Would you believe the iTunes EP is available only for UK! Why are they making Sophie like Girls Aloud? She is famous everywhere, not just the UK

Chris said...

I cant believe you! Whoever wrote this seems to think they can do a better job than Sophie? If youre such big fans stop slanting her and start supporting her. The live EP was NOTHING to do with you're suggestions, its 100% to do with the itunes festival where every acts "live EP" was realeased after the show! Starlight isnt on there becuase fascination obviously feel that if the single were to be released, this one could affect sales!

For goodness sakes, get some sense and stop being so selfish!

kaushik said...

Chris, i think its completely alright for fans, including me, to rant about how Sophie has been treating her fans. Even if two years isn't really a long time, she has been teasing us - she's touring, it's delayed, she's not touring; there's a fourth single off 'Trip', oh no, wait there isn't; she doesn't want to do a Greatest hits, there's one out at Christmas, it's coming in Feb, oh no it's not. The 4th album has been three quarters finished for about a year.
You can't be this fickle you know!

Believe me, i'm not selfish. I've waited for Trip The Light Fantastic patiently, and i love the album. And i'm an ardent fan. But what is going on now just isn't right! And i have the right to express my views about this as a fan. That would be all...

TheWV said...

However i think that live tracks are Well Produced, & vocals are Nice...



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