Sunday, August 2, 2009

More details about the 4th album

Sophie has about 12 songs right now that are almost confirmed to make it to the album's final track list. Till now, she has recorded about 23 songs.

The song which i confirmed earlier - Music Took My Man, might not end up on the album, cos its old compared to what she has been recording. My inside source had revealed that the song was amazing. I hope the song ends up as a b-side at least...

Starlight might not be the new single. She probably just performed the track because she wanted to start promoting the album.. Still, its such an amazing track

Off And On might be the next single!

Or finessing "Off and On", the tune he's written for Ellis-Bextor – it's scheduled to be her next single, and her label are eagerly awaiting Harris's latest mix. Not that she's the first person to have a go at that tune, either. Harris originally wrote it for ex-Moloko singer Róisín Murphy. She rejected it and the occasionally mouthy Harris called her an idiot in print. They've since made up. In any case, "Róisín was right. The original version was shite."


Is this the direction she should head in? She already had Heartbreak remixed and released. Is it wise for her to release a remix of Off & On now? Personally i love the song, and i know lots of people who do, but i'm not sure if releasing one re-make after another is a good idea..


Anonymous said...

Oh no. She should not do that. She should released the song in the myspace version only. That sound is good. What happens to Kish Mauve and Groove Armada collaborators? Is it that you have the final track list?

kaushik said...

Hello J, no i'm sorry, i don't have the official tracklist. I only know that she might have another 14 track album. But don't count on it. It could even be a 12 track album. But it is true that she has recorded about 23 songs, and she will do some more soon. I'm very keen on listening to the Kish Mauve songs too, but nothing has been confirmed about it. Groove Armada sent her a song during the GH sessions, but i don't think that will be on the album... I wonder if she worked with Greg Alexander..



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