Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sophie to work with When Love Takes Over girls?

Maybe this is the "new song" which my source was talking about:
Now, Liv’s dealing with accountants and lawyers for the first time in her professional life and lining up new songs for Sophie Ellis-Bextor and the recent X-Factor winner, Alexandra Burke.
Looks like Liv and Mim (Miriam Nervo and Olivia Nervo, the girls who wrote Kelly Rowland's "When Love Takes Over") are working with Sophie. Seems to me like Sophie is desperately looking for a hit, and she is working with everyone possible. Good strategy, i hope she doesn't go overboard though.

It's been so long, and still we don't have a confirmed list of producers for the album. I know i'm making a big issue of who the producers will be, but going by what Sophie said (about this being more dance oriented etc.,) seems like this is going to be more commercial than TTLF. So i guess the producers she picks are important.

I wonder if she'll come online sometime soon and tell us something about the album. As far as i know, she hasn't logged into her official forums since a really long time. Her twitter has no updates. And her MySpace is just copy-pasting the stuff from her official website.

Also, there hasn't been any confirmation about Calvin's new mix of Off & On, or that second Sophie/Freemasons track.


Andrew said...

I am so ready for this album.... wait even a new single would be fine. I just really want a new Sophie song lol. To be honest i really did not like that song When Loves Takes Over, i think she should go with Xenomania because they are pretty good at making hits and i think that "If You Go" would have done it for her if she had release it from TTLF. I think that if it was not for the death of MJ Heartbreak probably would have done better because she was promoting the hell out of that song.

Kim said...

She has to work with David Guetta then. That will be quite exciting. Or Xenomania again.



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