Monday, December 8, 2008

Sophie was at her "best friend's" wedding..

Okay, still no news about the album. Sophie is silent, which i'm assuming is because she's extremely busy juggling recording and maternity work.. But, Sophie attended her best friend's wedding. (Sinead, i didn't know they were best friends!! i didn't know Sophie had a best friend!).. and here's something about that..

Fermanagh singer Sinead Quinn — of Fame Academy fame — got hitched to her rock star boyfriend Paul Stewart at the weekend.

Sinead (28) and her new husband, who is the drummer for chart topping band The Feeling, got married at the Sacred Heart Church in her native Irvinestown, Co Fermanagh.

Sinead’s best friend and pop starlet Sophie Ellis-Bextor and husband Richard Jones, bassist with the band, joined the rest of The Feeling — Dan Gillespie-Sells, Kevin Jeremiah and Ciaran Jeremiah — and other music industry figures at the event.

Fans lined the chapel grounds and streets waiting for the bride-to-be to arrive — half an hour late.

“I wouldn’t leave the house until I got my sister to get me a glass of champagne,” Sinead said.

“I drank that before leaving — through a straw because I didn’t want to ruin my lipstick.”

She also said: “Irvinestown means the world to me and so does everyone in it. I wouldn’t have got where I am today if it wasn’t for the massive support I’ve been given from the local people in my town.

“There’s nowhere I’d rather get married than where it all started.”

Speaking afterwards, The Feeling lead singer Dan Gillespie-Sells described the wedding as “beautiful”.

“It was beautiful, really lovely. We only played in Belfast on Tuesday night so it’s been great being in Northern Ireland so much this week. We organised the tour around the wedding because we wanted to make sure Paul could be here to make his own big day.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor said: “I was in Fermanagh a few years ago for a charity gig with Sinead and the boys in the band. It’s been lovely being back for her wedding.

“It was a great service and Sinead’s dad was a really brilliant singer; he even got a big round of applause from the entire congregation.”


Anonymous said...

best friend is an Irish term for someone you have met more than once

musicfreakkaushik said...

Lol! Makes sense!! Or they probably just assumed that cos Sinead is also marrying a band member of The Feeling...



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