Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sophie is not going to go with "Split Second Love"

Sophie changed her mind and will release her fourth album in late-summer/autumn sometime in 2009. The name "Split Second Love" was her idea for the new album, but she wasn't happy to find that name on the internet already, so she will think about a brand new title. It was always a pleasure for her to find extraordinary names for her albums, so it will be - again - a secret until the very end for the fans. She really wants to come back after the birth of her baby...

Most of the information on wikipedia is not confirmed. So don't let yourselves get carried away. Sophie may not release Sophia Loren as the first single from the album. In fact, Off & On and Heartbreak might not even make into onto the final cut. Lets pray it does though, it would be criminal to waste them, even if they land up as bonus tracks or iTunes downloads they should be a part of the album!

Inside sources reveal that Sophie is also planning to use her MySpace to upload some demos there. This suggestion came up on the UKMix forums, and Sophie decided to go with the idea. However, she may not upload anything there till 2009, which does make sense. Afterall, the album is going to be out only after August, so she wouldn't want to kill the surprise by putting up the demos right away.

Also confirmed by inside sources, Carnival won't make it to the final cut. Sophie got the demo and tried to make a song out of it, but it wasn't fruitful! So that song is not official anymore!


Anonymous said...

I agree Sophie should release Off and On and Heartbreak even if they don't make it on the album. I love B-sides and bonus tracks.

Wikipedia editors are quick to post rumors and unconfirmed information because they want to be "first" even if they post lies and speculation. There is a lot of incorrect information and grammatical errors on Sophie's pages. I will try to clean them up...

musicfreakkaushik said...

Thank you! I do hope Sophie would confirm something officially for us!


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