Saturday, December 20, 2008

can we have a gig Sophie??

I was just thinking.. Sophie has 3 albums out, and she hasn't really done a tour whatsoever in ages. Girls Aloud had their "party". So why doesn't Sophie have one, sometime in 2009 before the baby?? 2 hours, a televised event. Not a gigantic crowd, an intimate gig, with a few hundreds of people, her friends and family, celebrities... just to keep the fans happy..

A good time for Rimmel also to place their products in the background, using standees or whatever, sponsoring the event.

I was thinking of an elaborate tracklist, with a few guest appearances from her friends..

Sophia Loren
Video Killed The Radio Star - with The Feeling
Love Is Here - with The Feeling
Take Me Home
(Groovejet) If This Ain't Love
New York City Lights
I Won't Change You
The Walls Keep Saying Your Name - with Mika
CIrcles (Just My Good Time) - with Mika
Catch You
If I Can't Dance
Today The Sun's On Us
Move This Mountain
Love It Is Love
Crying At The Discotheque - with Sinead Quinn
Mixed Up World - with Sinead Quinn
Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
Off & On
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Get Over You
Murder On The Dancefloor


Andrew said...

How about you take out "Move This Mountain" and replace it with "Music Gets the Best of Me" (One of Sophie's best songs in my opinion lol) and replace "Crying At The Discotheque" with "If You Go". Now, that would be heaven, to me! If this did happen though i believe she probably would not sing 22 songs, maybe 8 if we were lucky. Great idea though!

Isabela said...

That'd be wonderful! Great idea, Kau!

musicfreakkaushik said...

Exactly Andrew! She should really go out there and do a long setlist. She's got 3 albums, and she's not toured for 2 of them. The only fair thing to do is this...

She should perform Crying At The Discotheque! She owns that song!! If You Go could probably replace Move This Mountain, but MTM is a song that should be performed live. Its got a lot of energy. MGTBOM is a radio song, i've never liked its live performance!nta

Andrew said...

I would love if she finally went on tour but for some reason i doubt she will go on tour again lol, and did she really go on tour for the Read My Lips album? It would be nice though, i would totally buy a plane ticket to go to where ever she was performing in Europe.
Wow i love how she performs MGTBOM live it is so fun. I really did not like the radio edit of the song though, i think they should have used the album version, it is so much better.

Leon said...

That is SUCH a good idea!
She really should do this. I hope she´ll read about this soon. I´d personally like it very much to see Sophie on stage with Mika (I thinks he´s also quite good).
It should be broadcasted then also, yeah. She´s so good at these sort of things, so this would be amazing. Is a petition possible for this?

Anonymous said...


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