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An interview from Panele mag

Sophie's management team have updated the official site stating "Next year Sophie will be returning to the pop scene with an all new album and of course, the odd single or two"... (somehow, that sentence worries me, and i don't know why)

Anyway, here's the interview from Panele (thanks to Pork Smork from
Sophie Ellis Bextor – a Star . . .and no Murder On The Dance Floor

There is a lot of rumors about her, but she think that it is because she doesn’t speak a lot about her personal life. She has no problem with "bums" (homeless), but "they" talk that she hates them. She can call her self a electro dance pop artist, but she doesn’t have many celebrity friends..

I heard you are very busy – what are you doing?
I am finishing recording of my fourth album and I’m in a make-up commercial campaign.

But there is Kate Moss
Me too now. Their make up is so bright so I couldn’t not to participate – it is like my image as well. But don’t you worry – I’m not pushing her out – she is still in a campaign.

Know her personally?
We spoke a few times, but we’re definitely not friends….

Records, concerts, campaign… do you still has time for family?
When needed I always have time for family. Maybe I’ll sleep less at night… seriously when I am so busy I really feel a lack of sleep. There is nothing more pleasuring like going to bed these days….

Does your son not disturb your career?
I would say he helps. Sonny is very communicative and calm kid. He is my inspiration.

Is it true that you are going to have a second child?
Well – yes. I always dreamed about bigger family – and here it comes. March and April I am going not to do shows and after that I’m going to get back to work.

How would you describe your husband?
He’s very sweet and patient. We are five years together and we get along very well. By the way he is a musician too. He play bass guitar in The Feeling.

Two musicians in one family – isn’t this a atomic milkshake?
I guess it would be so, if there would be two singers, two leaders in a family. Or if Richard would decide to come play in my band. I wouldn’t let him to do that. I know lots of families where is two musicians – and they get along very well, while are playing separately…..

Do you watch your shows?
Sometimes I surf internet an watch, how I was looking before. It is really interesting to compare what I was and what I am now.

Do you read your interviews?
I would lie if I would say no. To not read about your self is the same thing as not to know what is talking behind your eyes.

What biggest nonsense have you read about your self?
I don’t really pay my attention to such things. Why should I react if those things being said aren’t really about me.

I read that you hate “bums”
What? I newer gave any comments about homeless…. I don’t know how it is here in Lithuania, but in London there are really lots of homeless. I am not against them, but if I’ll meet one in my bedroom that would really be to much. I am so sweet… [for the record – is afraid to be liked deadly…]

What would you be if you wouldn’t be a pop singer?
I would walk through restaurants and do retentions about their kitchen. You see I really love to eat. Such job would be perfect to me…. When I was younger I dreamed to be an actress, but who didn’t?

Is it true, that Madonna had influence to your music?
Part of that is true. I like Madonna very much. She is a great singer, fabulous show master, I admire her very much, and that’s it.

Have you met her?
Not personally but I was at her show.

How many friends from show business do you have?
Not that much. I have to work with them, do shows together, but I am not in a hurry to call them friends.

Who is your best friend?
Hard to say… If from show business, I would say – my husband – he is very clever and kind.

How do you spend your spare time? I don’t believe that you don’t have it…
Most of the time is spend with husband and son. I spend a lot of time with parents as well. I am very lucky that me and my mom lives very close each other so we meet and talk very often.

What about clubbing?
It happens quiet often in near past, cause me and my husband did a bit of DJ’ing. I like clubbing. But I don’t drive myself like I was doing when I was twenty one… xe, xe, xe…

All celebrities has a star disease, did you already had it?
No. You know I’m too healthy. (laughing)

Have you ever had maniac fans?
I heard that there are such ones, but I guess I am so lucky. There is no one who continuing sending me letters or do other kind of following. All my fans are very kind and not disturbing, so I always trying to communicate with them in forums. It is better for them to know everything from me, then some other source.

Maybe you can give me a secret – how to become a star?
Hmmmm… can’t tell you exactly… maybe it needs a lot of make up and blazing outfits!
As soon as I heard this formula I bought a lot of make up. What for make up for men? Dream to become a star is really close to me… but it is shame, that I don’t know how rally is that “a lot”, cause I’m putting that make up, but ability to sing don’t appear yet… ok, I’m trying “murder on a dance floor” once again…

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