Thursday, September 3, 2009

new Sophie single this October?

HMV lists Sophie's album as 5-10-2009.

And my inside source said that we might have a new single out in 2009 followed by another single in 2010. So what HMV listed is probably the new single! I'll wait for an official confirmation before i get excited about it.

If there was a new single coming in October, then Sophie would undoubtedly hype it from now. So maybe November...

Sophie posted this on her twitter:
"just had great meeting. we are going to redo my whole online persona! new website ahoy! 'bout blooming time.."
So they're probably going to re-do the website shortly. I don't like what they did during the Trip era.. its more art than Sophie.. there's just a tiny pic of Sophie somewhere in the news and the rest of it is the sky and flowers and stuff.. pretty neat, but its not Sophie. I wish the glam up the site with pictures of Sophie etc., Rimmel did a better job putting Sophie on their background than Sophie's official website! Sheesh...

(thats another cover which i made just for fun, lets have some fun shall we. Design your covers and post your pictures, and i'll post your covers in my next post and credit you for it)

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