Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sophie's Tweets

Okay, Sophie tweeted Katy Perry...
"ohmigod charo is my future, too. as your senior i am pretty sure i'll beat you to it! x"

in response to Katy's post
I.can' this is crack."

a budding friendship?? I hope so. Sophie mentioned in one of her interviews that she didn't have any celebrity friends (even though she is friends with everyone from The Feeling, Sinead Quinn and Mika).

And she also jovially expressed this to PopJustice:
boo hoo! why wasn't Heartbreak in your £20 prize shortlist? now i'm sad."

and she sent this to Julian Peake (a little tiny itty bitty bit about the album)
cool. did biff tell you i had the song on the brain non stop for about a week?! when do you think it'll be finished? x"

Julian responded:
track sounding fab sophie, just the final skills to be added now x"

... i just realised i'm turning into a stalker. I'll wait till we have some real news. Take care everyone.


C.J.B said...

you've only just realised? XD

Andrew said...

Oh no! I am sorry but i do not like Katy Perry at all. Stay away Sophie please lol. :|

Kim said...

awwww, cheer up. We're all a little stalker-ish... i read something about Calvin Harris and some confusion about when Sophie's album is out. Any news about that?

Renzo said...



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