Monday, September 7, 2009

a new mix of Heartbreak and more song titles

Some of the recent unofficial remixes of Heartbreak are beyond amazing. Especially this mix called "Bobina Remix". This is my 3rd favourite mix of the song (1st being the Bitrocka Italo Mix and the 2nd being the Freemasons Club Mix), yes it is that good!! Listen to the amazing break-down on this mix. It gave me the goosebumps! Also, they have re-arranged the lyrics in the breakdown - "DJ gimme the answer faster!", beautifully done!!
Here's the mix -
(This mix had been floating around for a while, i had the LQ version. Thanks to Eden for the HQ rip!)

One of the readers posted a few titles, i haven't located the source for these yet. But here they are:
1. Lose Myself - Sophie/Christopher Rojas. Rojas already worked with Sophie on Sophia Loren, the track which backs the Rimmel advert.
2. Only For This Moment - Sophie/Alexander Perls. This guy apparently specializes in dance tracks.
3. Wicked Game - Sophie/Lipsey & Shaw. They also worked with the Sugababes on the albums Taller in More Ways and Change.
4. My Priority - Lamont Dozier, Graham John Stack, Timothy Danieal Woodcock
5. Sorry Now - Wayne Cohen, Chris Mohr
(thanks Kazimir for these titles. And just to clear your doubt, Defenceless is from the Trip sessions.)

Sophie is songwriting tomorrow with someone from the past. I hope it is Nigel Butler, i do remember talking to him a few months ago, and he seemed quite open to the idea of collaborating with Sophie again. He is the man (or one of the men) behind Dolly Rockers after all!

Here are some random Sophie tweets:
  • songwriting tomorrow with a someone from my past. any guesses?
  • this makes me feel weird a glimpse into my future. x
    (by the way, good to know Sophie surfs around on the internet. I wish she bumps into this blog sometime)
  • Backstage at Miss International in Poland. The air is heavy with hairspray. Lordy.
  • Poland has cool plasters! Have bought Star Wars and, my favourite, Moomin.
  • Left so early i got to see a beautiful full moon. V v unpleasant to get up and out in the dark though.
  • Off to Poland tmw to sing at Miss Poland contest. Shall i wear a crown and sash to confuse them?!
  • saw eg white this morning. both dropping off our little folk at school. rock and roll!
  • A real cat fight not a girl cat fight.
  • whoops i just started a cat fight.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning it Kau :)

Kim said...

Neat remix.



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