Friday, September 25, 2009

Sophie at Central Perk (yes the one from FRIENDS sitcom)

How many of you have watched Friends? I remember watching them everyday, i still watch them on DVDs every now and then..

Now the Fashion Week is over, celebrities are occupying their time with other parties. Last night, some of London's socialites headed to Soho, where a "pop-up" Central Perk café was opened in honour of New York sitcom Friends.

Fans can visit the café on Soho’s Broadwick Street and relive the memories of the ten seasons. By downloading a voucher from, you can also enjoy a free cup of coffee surrounded by Friends memorabilia.

Although the original cast wasn’t there, other stars at the opening included Peaches Geldof, with her hair still dyed a dark brunette colour, Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh and singer, DJ and model Sophie Ellis Bextor, who all left clutching box sets of Friends DVDs. A new limited-edition box set featuring unseen footage is also being released to mark the anniversary.. Miss Ellis Bextor span the records at the event alongside funny-man Mat Horne.

Props on display at the coffee shop include Rachel’s wedding dress from the first episode, Joey and Chandler's 'best bud' bracelets, the Gellar Cup, Brown Bird Cookies and a bar of 'Mokolate'. A Warner TV spokesperson said: “Relive the place where it all happened- the bad jokes, the chat-up lines and the gossip”. Although there was no Jennifer Anniston or Courtney Cox Arquette to be seen, the famous manager of the cafe, Gunther, played by James Michael Tyler, did make an appearance.

Top: Sophie & Gunther (left), Sophie with Friends DVDs (right)
Bottom: Sophie & Richard (left), Me & Mrs Jones DJing (right)

(all pictures can be found on, thank you Isabella for letting me borrow them)


Kazimir said...

Some pikey has removed a large chunk of Sophie's biography on her wiki entry... Namely everything on her personal life. I can't undo that action anymore. Does anyone have the original text to place back?

Kazimir said...

I used to have a copy of that full text saved on my computer for these cases, but it got lost when my hard drive crashed...

kaushik said...

you can use any info from my older site - google search for the world SOPH-OLOGY.. and you can use whatever you want from that biog..

Kazimir said...

Someone had removed everything on her personal life, theaudience and other projects... I've now been able to restore everything back to the way it should be, except for the bit on other projects.

kaushik said...

Thank you Kaz. Have there been any updates lately. She has been awfully quiet these days

Kim said...

FRIENDS was my favourite SITCOM ever!! They should re-unite for a movie, and Sophie should be featured in that movie as well. There were rumours that she played the role of Emily. Why not make it true and cast her along with the cast in the movie?



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