Friday, May 15, 2009

Heartbreak: Video Review

Here's the video in HQ -

My Review:

The beginning, which i thought was lame initially is actually brilliant. It gives you the feeling that you've just stepped into a disco. And then there's Sophie in front of bright light, which is like they're trying to unveil Sophie. And then you have Sophie's face closed in, with the bright light behind her, highlighting her lovely cheekbones and her beautiful skin.. not to mention her eyebrows which constantly tease the camera.

The camera then focusses on Sophie in a place with no light, with the mic in front of her... subtle make up, hair neatly brushed and a white dress, which i think is very classy.. Sophie starts to do her hand movements, while her eyes do most of the acting job. I think Sophie is a brilliant actress, she can say so much just with her eyes. Man she's gorgeous!!

Here and there you have these random lights, which i think is supposed to portray the laser beams in a disco. Nicely done. I never liked them in the beginning, but now after watching the video in HQ, i think the video would look terribly incomplete without it.

Then as the chorus starts approaching, you have Sophie. The chorus has Sophie doing a bit of a routine, she's moving her body, her hands, her hips.. i only wish she'd move her feet as well. The backup dancers are doing a great job there with the footwork. But compared to the Sophie who never used to dance, this is such an improvement!! I love this Sophie.

Anyone think this move is something like the Green Light thing.. i mean, its a simple hip move, but so lovely to watch. Even when Beyonce did the hip movement thing on Green Light, i loved it.. Anyway..

Now you have more of the lights randomly passing by every now and then. But watch the white light carefully. Everytime the white light goes across, you see Sophie doing a different thing..and the backup dancers as well. Observe carefully..

Coming to the hair and make up, both wild. Make up is very Sophie signature, bright lips, bright eyes. Hair looks wild, its brushed back forming this lump and the sides are neatly set, curling inwards.. The dress is sexy. Kudos to whoever chose that dress for her. I don't know why people made such a fuss about the tatoo. It looks perfectly fine. I mean, i've comletely forgotten Sophie's hand without the tatoo. I love it..

As the second verse comes in, you have Sophie solo again, moving her hands and the mic, and lights randomly going around.. I love the close-ups.. They are brilliant. Sophie looks breath-taking..

The second chorus sees the bright colourful lights forming a pattern. Now this is nice. I like this chorus better than the previous.. And if you pause and observe carefully at various places, you will see how cleverly the video has been overlapped, one bit at a time. Chris Sweeny has actually done a wonderful job with this. Poor fellow must have been heartbroken when he got the initial reviews from fans.. the video is actually brilliant..

As the middle 8 comes in, you have Sophie in the James bond style silhouette thingy. Very nicely done. And wow, Sophie's figure is so perfect.. She's a pussycat, isn't she?? You have this hip thrusting move which she's doing, which i think is so sexy.

The last chorus is the most colourful of all.. Very nicely done.. Again, observe it in bits, you'll see how much effort is put into this video..

The end is quite simple, the camera closing in with Sophie posing confidently with the mic and the backup dancers bending, ending their routine..

i give it a complete 10/10!!

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