Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A catch-up with Sophie

As the release of Sophie's new single with the Freemasons approaches, we gave her a call to chat about the track, as well as baby Kit and future album plans...

Hello Sophie, how's it going?
Really good thank you.

How's baby Kit?
He's very sweet and lovely. He's still tiny though. All his milestones are from his due date, rather than from when he was born. So even though he's nearly 12 weeks old, he's not smiling or anything like that, because he's still like a three week old really. It's quite good though, cos you get the cute tiny baby for longer!

And as well as a new baby, you've got a new single - Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer).
I know, it's funny. I was literally in my hospital bed when my manager was going, "So, it looks like the Freemasons thing is happening. Do you think you'd be able to do a video in April?" But I'd had to cancel a lot of things when I got ill and had Kit, so it was actually quite nice to have something to look forward to. And it felt like quite far off. Although it obviously came round very quickly!

There was some sort of talk in the papers that you'd jumped straight out of a hospital bed into a studio to record vocals for The Feeling. Presumably that wasn't quite the case.
No, not at all. We've got a little studio in our house and I was just pottering around in-between Kit's feeds and did a bit of singing for them. It was very easy and very quick.

So your work commitments aren't too heavy at this point?
No, they're really not. I've done a couple of days of press for the single and the video, but now it all goes quite quiet until nearer the release, which isn't until mid-June. Although having said, I do really want to get the album finished, so I might do some songwriting in May.
But it's all very gentle and I'm not going to work too hard. I'm still feeding Kit myself, so I'm never too far from him.

And making videos is presumably quite fun?
Absolutely! It was lots of fun. I love having Kit and Sonny, but sometimes it's nice to do something which stimulates a different side of your brain. I think it's quite healthy, to be honest.

Did the video go well?
Really well. It was a lovely team. The director was called Chris. I hadn't worked with him before, but he was really nice and very relaxed and knew exactly what he wanted to achieve, which is always very reassuring. And it was good to do a proper dance video, with proper dancers. I haven't done anything like that for ages. It was lots of fun.

Did you have to dance?
I'd say I was more moving than dancing! It wasn't full-on choreography for me.

When will the video be ready?
Well, I saw a rough version this morning. But they've got to do quite a lot of clever tricks with light on it. It's shaping up really well, though.

And it's already been on Radio One.
Yeah, they really like Freemasons. They are brilliant, though. I genuinely love what they do.

But it was a co-write between all of you?
Yes, myself, the Freemasons and a guy called Biff who I've done songs with before. He used to write for the Spice Girls and I did a song called New York City Lights with him. I always like writing with him, cos he jumps around a lot and he's very enthusiastic. In a weird way, the song feels more relevant now than it did when it was written last year. Pop is dominating the charts again, so everything I'm working towards feels even more appropriate. So I'm pretty happy.

Are the Freemasons on the same label as you?
No, they're on their own label. But everything's been surprisingly easy to sort out. Well, unless I've just been kept in the dark about a lot of stuff! But, no, it all seems to have come together really naturally. With the third album, I spent three years working on it really hard, but this time everything's coming together a lot quicker.
I think sometimes it's quite helpful that my priority is Kit and Sonny and home life, so the work stuff has to fit around that. It seems to work more smoothly that way.

Your picture on the single artwork has a certain Betty Boo quality to it.
Do you think? I definitely take that as a compliment! I suppose she went through a similar '60s look with her second album. I liked that album, actually, particularly Love Hangover - very under-rated.

So, do you have a whole promo schedule lined up for the single?
Absolutely. There's talk of GMTV and suchlike. I'll be getting out of my bed early for that one...

Does Kit sleep well?
Not really. He goes anything from two to four hours between his feeds.
He's six pounds now, but he's still very little, so he's only got a tiny tummy.

We shouldn't forget Sonny, who's just turned five!
Yeah, he's all puffed up about that, it's really sweet. In fact, last night I noticed he hadn't gone to bed and his light was on, at about half past nine. So I went into his room and he was sat there on the edge of his bed putting on Spiderman aftershave! Obviously in his mind he's a man now.

Talking of birthdays, you turned 30 recently.
Yeah - and Richard did too. We're all grown up! We didn't really do anything too spectacular, because of the baby. But we're hoping to have a big thirty and a half party later in the year.

Are you making good progress on your new album?
Absolutely. I've got some really good stuff and we're nearly there, but I think I probably need another two or three songs. There are a couple of collaborations in the offing which might be quite good. We'll see. It's all a matter of people's diaries tallying up. I always get in trouble for saying when things are coming out, because then they change. But if everything goes to plan, I'm hoping to put out another single after Heartbreak, maybe in August and then have the album out later this year. That's the intention, anyway.

Can you give us any hints about those collaborations?
Both blokes. One an urban British male and the other a more sort of leftfield, indie American male. But we'll see. They both started the ball rolling from their side, so there's definitely a good chance of it happening.

Finally, you've got over 3,000 people following you on Twitter now.
I know! Why?! Actually, Richard's a bit jealous that I've got more followers than The Feeling. I think it's just because I'm more interesting. Well, that's what I tell him anyway!


Kazimir said...

Cool little interview. By the way, I'm not sure, but it looks as if Sophie's little black book has been updated on the Rimmel site.


kaushik said...

yes, that is probably cos she hasn't done an advert yet.. when she does a new ad, maybe they'll update it



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