Saturday, May 9, 2009

Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer: Video Link

When i first saw the video, my jaw dropped. I've already watched it over 50 times, and i'm crazy about the video. But here are my thoughts:

1. It had a stupid start, with the light effect on the walls.. lame. I would have preferred the name FREEMASONS in lights on a background and immediately changing to SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR and Sophie is in the shadow in front of the light, and when she begins saying "heartbreak heartbreak", the signboard should have read HEARTBREAK (MAKE ME A DANCER)... now that is what i call a beginning to a video which is like this

2. The whole "special effects" is crap. Why are the lights going on Sophie's face? I wish the lights were in the background, on the walls only, and Sophie and the back-up dancers were in the foreground. That said, the light effect during the second chorus is amazing. I wouldn't change anything there. The whole concept is to have the lights building up towards the end of the video. But i don't see why it should cover Sophie's face.

3. Sophie looks amazing as usual. And bravo for her acting skills. She portrays emotions so well. And i'm also glad she's dancing more than she did on her solo videos (apart from MOTD of course). Its definitely an improvement. Its a video which will get you watching it over and over again. Non-story, non-concept, random videos are the ones that get played the most

4. The silhouette look during the breakdown etc., is amazing. I've always wanted Sophie to do something like that and i'm really glad she finally did it! She looks awesome as a Silhouette. I wish she would do more of that in the future

5. The end is epic!!

6. The back-up dancers did a very good job.

7. Sophie's make up, clothes, hair are perfect for the video.

In all, i'd probably rate the video 7.5/10 and an extra 0.5 just for Sophie's determination to do the video just 2 months after her pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

Video's very good but why i can't find heartbreak's video version? if have you got this version , can you upload it? meanwhile , i like your soph. blog. It's the best Sophie Ellis blog. Thank You , bye.

kaushik said...

I'm afraid i can't upload the video, cos it will be on the Freemasons CD single, and that would be legal violations... You can buy the CD when its out, until then, here's the HQ video on youtube... enjoy

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for video. And you're so right. bye.


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