Monday, May 11, 2009

Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer - my review

"HEARTBREAK (MAKE ME A DANCER)" has probably been on of the most highly anticipated collaborations of the year. It brought together posh pop Sexy Ellis-Bextor and the new sensation Freemasons, the production team whih previously worked their magic on Kylie's "The One", Kelly Rowlands "Work" and Beyonce's "Green Light", "Ring The Alarm", "Déjà Vu" and "Beautiful Liar". Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) seems to be a sum of it all, the best from all their previous work put into one song.

The song comes with a great new video from Chris Sweeny, with an electrifying performance from Sophie. As if looking simply like a goddess was not enough, Sophie has bit of a dance routine which she pulls off with style. If those James Bond movie makers are watching this video, they know who the next "bond girl" is.. The special effects in the video are worth watching over a million times. Its a simple yet effective affair which finds Lady Bextor teasing the camera and throwing sleek, chic shapes. Its the perfect accompaniment to this stomper of a song.

Sophie will be doing a live public appearance at G-A-Y, Heaven in London on the 20th of June. The song is out digitally on the 21st and physically on the 22nd.

Is this going to take Sophie to whole new heights? Is this going to make the Freemasons finally worth all the hype. Is Sophie going to get her second #1 with this? Only you can tell... Make sure you get your copies, cos this time its doubly important - not just for Sophie, but for the Freemasons as well.


Kazimir said...

Where is that pic from? It's perfect... Looking at the current climate in the UK charts I'm not so sure about a no.1, but I think this would almost definitely enter top 10 and perhaps even top 5.

Anonymous said...

Good review! And that pic is Awesome!!!!

blueorchid said...

Hey! I found the Bitrocka full remix version! Post it, it's amazing!!!!

kaushik said...

WOW!! Thanks for that link Blueorchid. I'm in love with the Bitrocka mix.. its so much better than the Freemasons mix itself..

Anyway, the video is brilliant isn't it?? Kazimir, i don't know where i got that pic from, i just found it on the internet, randomly..

blueorchid said...

For sure! I think that the song took a soul.less pad with the new mix but it's ok for clubs... for a massive play and do a big hit!
The video is perfecto for the new mix! First I didn't like it because I had the demo spinning in my head, I would have done a different kind of video for that version... But yes, Heartbreak will be a mash hit!! I'm in Argentina.. and Sophie is dead here since Get Over You, nobody knows about her... and I hope that Heartbreak starts to be play in local discos -the Freemasons are better known-.

Renzo said...

For the pens, it seems that the photo is of the session for the magazine Company, she said that she did the Can-can.



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