Tuesday, May 26, 2009

another version of heartbreak

For those of you (like me) who thought the radio edit was too short, here's some good news. There is a proper (probably 4 minute) version of the song which will appear on the Freemasons album (Shakedown 2). This will feature a double chorus in the end, God bless them for doing that!! That gives you another reason to buy Shakedown 2.

I also have a little secret, which i'm not sure if i'm allowed to share or not...
The Freemasons have written another track for Sophie, hopefully she'll include both the Freemasons songs on her album.. Shh!!

AND... there seems to be a change in the tracklist for the CD single. The remixes don't feature on the CD anymore... too bad, the BitRocka Italo Mix is worth listening to, at least 200 times a day!


Isabela said...

Thanks for sharing the news with us and the secret as well, Kau :) hahahaha, I'll shush about it ;)

TheWV said...

It's 5:04 & Sounds pretty Good!

kaushik said...

Apparently she's done just a vocal demo with the Freemasons on another track, no other info avaiable.



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