Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Lady And The Tramp

Sophie Ellis Bextor didn't cringe when hubby Richard Jones played her record Take Me Home while DJing at a party - in fact she loved it. The showbiz couple formed a DJing tag team for the Company Magazine 30th anniversary party at the Proud Galleries, and Richard was overheard saying Sophie was the one who wore the trousers in their relationship and he follows her lead when it comes to DJing.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor's night ended in disaster after leaving a VIP nightclub and being kissed by... a tramp! The Lady And The Tramp-style horror show happened as sexy Bextor exited a showbiz bash at the Volstead club in London. Dressed in a stunning black dress, Bextor must have looked so demure that the homeless man couldn't resist having a go at pulling her. He swaggered up, used his streetwise charms and flung his arms around the chart-topping singer. Initially he wanted money, but when she had nothing to give him he leaned in for a big smooch instead. Poor Sophie had no idea what to do. She tried not to squirm as the tramp wrapped his grubby arms around her and once he had her in his clutches, he wasn't about to let her go. With a cigarette in his hand, the man proceeded to dance around the singer, who then began shrieking with fear. And with all the goings on, you would have thought that Sophie's husband, Richard Jones, would have come to his wife's aid, but he was too busy laughing as the man tried his luck.


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