Monday, October 6, 2008

The Rimmel Ad (print ad???)

Ah I love a bit of Sophie Ellis Bextor. Great fashint sense, great makeup, and oh-so-London, she’s the perfect choice to be a face for Rimmel. The news was announced way back in May time, but her debut approaches, so I thought it’d be nice to stick an auld pixthure of her mug up to admire.

Not ousting Kate, as far as I know, who remains as the face of the brand, she’s merely augmenting Rimmel’s stock of chix who model their increasingly good makeup. Her first outing is for the new line of lipsticks, Moisture Renew, which arrive on stand on the 13th. She’s slapped on a bit of Rose Passion above there, and rest assured ladies, everyone’s fave Rimmel shade, Heather Shimmer, is represented in the new line, which also boasts lip-smoothing yokes like hyaluronic acid and collagen as well as vitamins a, c and e.

Jaysis, all that for €7.25? Sold!


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