Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sophie's METRONOMY collaboration

Here's a bit from a Metronomy interview:

Relating to the wave of popstars Metronomian production love, I read that Sophie Ellis Bextor has a new album on the way with production slots filled by Freemasons, Calvin Harris (among others) & you? Tell us all there is to tell about this!

Well, one day i got an email from my manager saying that Sophie Ellis Bextor was interested in some Co-writing/production from me. I was rather surprised. I found out that it was actually Sophie herself that had wanted to get in touch. Quite often with these things it’s the managements idea and the artist just goes along with it.

Anyway, i thought that anyone in that arena who liked Metronomy was worth giving it a go with. As it happens, she was a pleasure to work with. She’s very intuitive, which for some reason I didn’t expect. So there you go, the whole thing was a very nice experience. The track we did is pretty good i think and a slight departure from what you might expect of her. As for whether it makes her album, I’m not sure. But, I’d be more than happy if it did.


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