Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What is always lacking in Sophie's videos??

When you see a Sophie video, the first thing that comes to your mind is “wow she’s gorgeous!” Sophie is always very creative in her videos. She tries to add a bit of humor to her videos, which I think has worked well in the past. Then she started adding a bit of seriousness, which also worked. But when I sit back and think, I wonder why I don’t find any of her videos “perfect”. Murder On The Dancefloor is exceptional. That is one video which I think is superb. There’s a story line, there’s dancing’ there’s glamour, there are tons of back up dancers. That video is what I call a perfect pop video.

Come to think of it Get Over You is also fine. Get Over You has always been my favourite video and song. The theme may be from the movie mannequin, but who cares, its still a brilliant video. You have Sophie wearing tons of wax, she breaks out of the showroom and has tons of other backup dancers and they all dance away. But then, the one thing that is absent in the video is “real dance”. Not like Murder On The Dancefloor was full of dance.. Sophie barely dances. I think she should learn to dance. Moving her hands and legs is not really dance. I wish she’d do a dance routine…like Britney does in most of her videos, or like Shirley does in When I Grow Up video. If Sophie can do so much, I think its more than enough.

When Sophie said that she was doing a dance routine in her Me & My Imagination video, I was really excited. But then when I saw the video I was upset. The theme is wonderful, she could have danced some more though. For videos like Catch You and Today The Sun’s On Us and Music Gets The Best Of Me (dinner party video) there’s no need for dance. The seriousness or the humour does it all. That’s perfect the way it is. But her other videos which are upbeat pop tunes, I think she could include dance routines… Like Mixed Up World is so pointless!! The video idea is superb, but she could have done a bit of moves, with backup dancers, or the guys there..something a little robotic would have suited that video perfectly.

I Won’t Change You is cute, that dance routine with the backup dancers in the video is alright, but I’d like to see some more in that, not just bending down, moving hands, lifts etc., Today The Sun’s On Us is brilliant. But I think the shower scene could have been a little more revealing. I know Sophie is not a sell out who depends on skin-show, but I think that video would’ve achieved perfection with that… that’s one video which leaves an impact on me when its over. Catch You is quite good too. I love everything about the video.

Take Me Home is also cute. She’s trying to seduce men in the video, and she does that perfectly. All in all, I think Sophie needs to have a perfect pop video to define her success. If Off & On is going to be a single, I hope she does a dark video..

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