Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sophie's Little Black Book (pt. 1)

Here's something i found on the official Rimmel site. They were nice enough to have a little black book for Sophie, so i thought, why not post their interview here as well. This is where the original articles is - http://www.rimmellondon.com/UK/OurFace/SophieLittleBlackBook.aspx

Sophie Ellis Bextor is a true modern day style icon, her dynamic take on fashion and dramatic bright lippie are instantly recognisable and so perfect for us to recreate. She is kooky and cool and always manages to stay bang on trend despite juggling being a model, singer, songwriter and a mother. Her next album is due for release later this year and it is guaranteed to be packed full of more fabulous pop and dance tunes. As the new face of Rimmel we wanted to catch up with her on life, love and lipstick….

Rimmel: What have you got planned in your social diary over the next few months (gigs, festivals, trips abroad etc)
Sophie: Just lots of song writing, mainly. Album four is three-fourth done so it’s the final push. I’m happy with what’s been done so far though. Exciting. Oh and in November my husband, with his band The Feeling, start a tour so I’ll be popping along to a few gigs. Then it’s Christmas. Blimey! The year’s going fast.

Rimmel: What wouldn't you leave home without?
Sophie: It's probably Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick as it's quite versatile. I think when I was about 16 I realised the importance of lipstick if you are pale like me, as not only do I like colour on my lips but I also use it when I need some health in my cheeks – it makes a great blusher too!

Rimmel: When you want to create a look, what do you start with - makeup, clothes or hair?
Sophie: Depends how confident I’m feeling! I suppose I start with the frock. Then see how much help I need with everything else!

Rimmel: What advide would you give a tourist in London?
Sophie: Wow where to start? Take advantage of our galleries, go on an open top tourist bus, don’t go to oxford circus on a Saturday and stroll along Portobello on a Friday.

Rimmel: Which is your favourite street for shopping in London?
Sophie: Marylebone High Street or around Westbourne Grove. But to be sensible I should leave my credit card at home!

Rimmel: What do you think the coolest part of London is, why?
Sophie: Probably round East London - Hoxton and Brick Lane. It’s full of very trendy types. Not something I can compete with but good for people watching.

Rimmel: What do you miss when you're not in London?
Sophie: My friends and family. London is my home.

Rimmel: Where is your favourite place in the world?
Sophie: I think a lot of my most happy memories are from Italy. As well as getting married there, there's one little town we often go to on holiday and it's pretty idyllic.

Rimmel: Who are your heroines who inspire you?
Sophie: I'm inspired by strong women and find women such as PJ Harvey and Bjork really inspiring as although they may not be seen as typical 'beauty' icons, they really push the boundaries and are not afraid to experiment – their beauty comes from somewhere else.
I also loved Sindy – before she started to look like Barbie. She had this big head and great hair with amazing lips. She’s definitely influenced me along the way. So have the cast of Grease the film, and Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins.

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