Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Am What I Am: Sophie Ellis-Bextor

An article from Times Online.

SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR, 29, is a singer-songwriter and the new face of Rimmel. She lives with her husband, Richard Jones, bassist with the Feeling, and their four-year-old son, Sonny, in west London.

* I was a confident child, but then my parents divorced. I can see a big difference between me and my half-sister, who has grown up with happily married parents. She is far more secure than I ever was.

* It never occurred to me to be a singer. I wanted to be an actress, as Mum [the Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis] always spoke about the power you feel on stage. I only realised what she meant when I sang.

* When I was starting out, being middle-class was uncool, and women were patronised. It made me mouthy, but I was advised that being “rent a quote” wasn’t a good role.

* Youth culture used to be focused on music — now it’s totally focused on fame. But having a high profile does not equate to selling records, and that’s what I care about.

* There is always music in our house. Richard and I have started DJ-ing together. We live just off Portobello Road and, with all the record shops, we’re always picking up weird and wonderful things.

* Of all the women I’ve been inspired by — Björk, Debbie Harry, PJ Harvey — it’s been about something other than looks. Debbie Harry is obviously gorgeous, but she is also a little bit bonkers, and I think that’s brilliant.

* When I was younger I realised I was never going to be conventionally pretty, so I thought: “So what if I look a bit odd? I’d better celebrate it.”

* You have to earn your right to ask people to give you their attention.

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