Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not Sophie news...but...

To celebrate the release of Sophie's album in Russia, Carson and I have come up with a song, dedicating it to the lovely lady herself. I hope you guys like it....

Here's the song:
Her Name Is Sophie (Carson vs. Kaushik) by kaushikchakravarthy

Vocals & Lyrics by Kaushik
Production by Carson

She's almost six feet
Strutting in high heels
She gets all the men to go down on their knees

My heart goes boom-boom
When she sets foot in the room
She'll have drooling all over, pretty soon

I can't help but picture the two of us together
But i know that's not what she really needs
But then my brain ceases function
I'm in juxtaposition with this guy that she smiles at
(oh me, oh my!)

Her name is Sophie
She drives me crazy
I'm not a singer in the band
But i'll lead you by the hand, lady
Her name is Sophie
I could be her baby
Wish you'd give me an itty-bitty
Piece of your lovey-dovey, lady

I'd call her "sexy"
But then she'd look at me
And then i'd fumble for words, how embarrassing

I can't help but I am jealous, I won't say that in the chorus
There's this fella, i really wanna beat
But then my brain ceases function
I'm in juxtaposition with this guy that she smiles at
(oh me, oh my!)

It's not like he'd be NOWHERE WITHOUT YOU
I know I'll win you one day, cos I BELIEVE
You've got me spinning round round in CIRCLES
You, my dear, CUT STRAIGHT TO THE HEART of me
((Don't MAKE A SCENE))

The ((...)) bits are whispered, so you might want to turn up the volume a tiny bit.


Kim said...


Dan said...

oh my! I never thought you were a singer, or a writer. Well done. Sophie should be proud.

Anonymous said...

You really are the craziest fan ever. good work. Does Sophie know of you?

Anonymous said...

Haha! Great! Sophie NEEDS to hear this!

Anonymous said...

music's okay - the singing and lyrics were awful

Kim said...

Back off, the lyrics are really nice, and for a non-singer, he has done a fabulous job. He came up with a really catchy tune, and it has been stuck in my head for a long time now.

Well done Kaushik. You should be proud.

Anonymous said...

Ewww ...

Anonymous said...

wow! quite good! ;-) well done boys!

Eden said...

the beat is soooo good so as the lyrics... the singing needs a lot of work hehe but fantastic job both of you :D

Anonymous said...

Music's not bad...but what's up with the lyrics?! "itty-bitty" and "juxtaposition". It just doesn't work. Cringe-worthy!

Anonymous said...

Really awful.. The vocals are shocking and the lyrics are just plain cheesey-crap. The end is very poor, especially trying desperately to cram as many Sophie song titles into sentences that have no relevance to eachother. My word of advice would be to get a real job and stop Stanning Sophie. I hope to goodness she hasn't heard this.

I totally agree with the above poster too, Mega-Cringe. I'd rather listen to Rebecca Black's Friday on repeat until my ears bleed.

Isaac said...

Its funny how this guy who always tells you to stop Stanning Sophie. He's always under the Anonymous category.

Obviously he doesn't get the point of the song. Its just for fun, and not something serious.

Also, its funny how people listen to it after reading the lyrics. The lyrics are out there, so if you find them cringe-worthy, don't listen to the song. Its so unfortunate that the internet is filled with people like you who can't appreciate a genuine piece of work.

Kaushik, Carson - you guys have done a good job, and definitely there is a need for improvement i.e. if you want to take to music seriously. If this is done just for fun, then i'm just going to say "job well done, fuck all the haters!"

Anonymous said...

Isaac, honey bee.. I find it hilarious that you assume you know me. I have never opened communication before with the boy who owns this blog and posted the "song".. so how is it that I am "always" telling him to stop stanning Sophie?

Anybody knows that if you plaster your work onto a public forum then you should expect criticism, and feedback both good and bad. Anyone expecting 100% praise and slaps on the back are quite frankly, slightly ignorant. That is all.

Isabela said...

Fantastic!! =D

Isaac said...

I've seen a comment before by an Anonymous person asking him to stop stanning Sophie. Its not Stanning in the first place.

Criticism is a good thing. I said the same thing to him, but in nicer words. You never know what he intends to do with the song. If it is a serious step into music, then he has to improve a lot. But say that nicely, so it supports him, and not break him down.

If its not a step into music, then its just a little bit of fun and we should not judge.

Dan said...

wow, there are more comments on this than on Sophie posts.

I think its really each ones own opinion. If a few of like it, thats our opinion. If some don't, its theirs. Lets leave this here, shall we.

Good effort Kaushik. The melody is very catchy and is still in my head.

Anonymous said...

hey K & C, ignore the negative posters. passion is a good thing. maybe for an idea you could take those lyrics and apply them to the instrumental of a Sophie song? and when you're singing, K, don't be scared - just go for it! x

Anonymous said...


Andria said...

Nice Instrumental. Singing is... well.... in the nicest way, it 'needs a little work'.......

mick said...

this is really a declaration of love

mick said...

A declaration of love for a Lovely being!!

TheWV said...

I Will Start Stalking & Calling You Late At Night... I may Get a Song Too! LOL

Overpowered said...

Just a few things!!!

Firstly, I love the music and the idea!! Good work Kaushik!

Now some things I would fix and I really don't want to hurt your feelings because you did do great and I would never have the guts to do something like this because I would sound horrible!! so please take this as contrstuctive crictism!

It's not bad for a first try!! (it's a nice little demo and sort of reminds me of "Love Is The Law" hehe =-] )

Some of the lyrics don't match up with the music. If they were changed the song would sound alot better!!

The vocals need to be louder I feel and it's probably what you recorded the vocals on but it doesn't make the voice sound that good!!! Some bits sound perfect though.

And gain confidence Kaushik!! Your voice has so much potential!!! I would be keen to hear more stuff from you!!



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