Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make A Scene out soon (in Russia apparently)

The new mix of Off And On is being played (or was played) on some Russian Radio. A dear fellow PJ-er is recording it for us at the moment, so watch this space.

Also, Universal Records announced the tracklist. AND a RELEASE DATE!

It might seem fake because of the hasty updates and wrongly spelt titles, but if you check the track numbers - they coincide with the track numbers on Purple's Soundcloud account. This could be the final tracklist.

It doesn't seem like a well thought tracklist, but who cares. IF this is actually happening, then we should all be thankful about it.

I don't expect the album to chart AT ALL simply because the planned release date is about two weeks away and there's absolutely no news whatsoever from Sophie herself. She hasn't bothered to tweet about it even.

Love the cover! I hope the CD inlay has more pictures from the same photoshoot.



el_tinto said...

OMG!!! I'm so damn excited about this!!!!
I'm praying for this to be true!
By the way, the new version of Off & On is nice :D

kaushik said...

can you please post a soundcloud/youtube link to the new version?

el_tinto said...

All i have is a link where you can listen to it...Новичок/140597
You must let it load for a while and then click in the green bar ;)

jenkins25 said...

here you are :)

btw. This news was shock for me. I laughed about it first time. REAL release news would 2011 Sophie's year.

Banhurt said...


Edgar said...

Thanks for the rip, tried but nop.

Anonymous said...

i hope some copies end up on amazon very soon after!!!

Eden said...

littlefish has posted a download links on the seb forums
although i like this song, i hope it's not the next single or smthg, it's not a hit material!!!

el_tinto said...

She confirm it!!!!!!!



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