Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Make A Scene - fan responses

Have you pre-ordered the album yet? No? Here are so many reasons why you should!

dominic spez
It's way fucking better than Loud, Femme Fatale, and Teenage Dream combined.

In Denial?
Album of 2011 so far and I say that as a major Britney fan. The woman just knows how to make brilliant pop music.

Itty Bitty Piggy
The strange thing is, there would be so many potential singles on here. It's not just good pop, it's actually really commercial and marketable. Disco-fantastic but still sounds as modern as Femme Fatale. And this is coming from someone who didn't give a shit about her before today!
How bizarre. I'd quite happily welcome her back into the pop diva fold.

wow. I can't believe we can say this and truly mean it after the debacle that this album cycle has turned out to be but...WORTH THE WAIT.
What a fantastic, totally satisfying dance-pop album. Not one duff track, not one unnecessary song.

I knew this would be worth it. Gaga's gonna have to go some to top this absolute pop tour-de-force.

Under Your Touch, Make a Scene, and Synchronised are on repeat right now - all the tracks are wonderful, but these three I just can't help but keep coming back to. Synchronised is just so incredibly emotive, with very late '90s production overtones. It takes me back to another time and I'm just captivated by it all right now.
But Make a Scene is still shockingly perfect.

I have never.. Never. Ever. Liked all of the songs on a single album on first listen. Never. Until now. Disregarding the ones we've heard before this, all the 7 unheard ones hit me on first listen. I'd cry if I were emotionally able to do so.
I hate Hate HATE making comparisons between entirely different artists but.. Gaga can't top this with Born This Way. I'm sure she'll come up with a brilliant album as well and that I'll love it. But Make a Scene is better. I can tell it already.

This definitely is a 10/10 album. 'Homewrecker' I could probably do without but it's still a nice song that I won't have to skip over. The last 2 tracks in particular, 'Synchronised' and 'Cut Straight To The Heart' gave me shivers. I'm also in love with... well... every track.
I'd probably say the dreamier sounding songs are my favorites. Just beautiful. This is Sophie's strength.
I'm worried about being accused of hyperbole, but this album is making me really excited about pop again. Everything on it is so flawless. It's deep but it's fun, it's speedy but chilled out. I love that the moody artwork can be debated as to whether it fits the album's sound or not.
She worked with some of my favorite producers and regardless if it's a success (like it absolutely DESERVES to be), it's definitely going to be one of my top albums of the year.

Bold statement, but I'm certain that Make a Scene will be better than Born This Way.
Sophie Goddess-Bextor.

Even though I love most of Sophie's singles, I've never really felt the urge to buy any of her albums. This is tremendous though, as many have said - no filler whatsoever. I'm kinda shocked.

I'm listening to the new tracks. I've literally got that thick saliva in my mouth you get before you're going to vomit I'm that excited. It's so good. Magic is so fucking pretty. OH SOPHIE YOU ULTIMATE GODDESS OF ALL THINGS AMAZING AND TOP SHELF. THANK YOU FOR DELIVERING YOU ARE JUST A MAJESTIC BEAST THAT POOPS AMAZING POP SONGS. Best pop album in the last few years. This is Fame Monster level of amazing. These songs are over a year old yet they sound more forward then anything Rihanna/Britney/My cousin Vinny have released.

I completely LOVE this album already... All the obsessing was worth it after all...

I've never really listened to Sophie, except for her singles and I find this album quite amazing and quite what everyone is saying (I won't mention as it could possibly be quite trite.)
I feel as if she's the beacon of light left of sophistication with a tinge of fun elements also. Glad to see that it's been done so so well by someone I considered as relevant as Dannii Minogue.

Synchronized really is amazing. There's so much layering in the production towards the end and Sophie's voice just completely makes the song for me.

I'm in heaven with Under Your Touch !!!
The studio version of Dial My Number is incredible !
I really like "Homewrecker", so clever !
Make a Scene will be my summer Anthem ! Not only the song but full album !

Ruben D.G.
It's a 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10 album!!!!!!!!!!

Great album! Will be buying this when it's eventually released here.

This is really Sophie's "Come And Get It", an amazing pop album destined to reach the lower rungs of the Top 40. The album is brilliant, in fact my only complaint is that it seems to have too many singles and not enough new songs.
My favourites are Make A Scene (love the production!) and Synchronized (her adlibbing near the end is stunning). And my, my how much has her vocals improved! She sounds utterly amazing.

"Magic" is a dream come true.

Under You Touch IS noisy, but in a good way. And I totally adore the chord progression in the chorus.
Make a Scene is crazy, definately Sophie at her most experimental. And it works!
Magic started out a bit mediocre and boring, but as it progressed it started to make sense. The last minute is just pure synth heaven.
I gotta to sleep but I don't want to stop listening to this album. It's just perfect, it's like I'm in heaven surrounded by lush synths, great melodies and gorgeous vocals.
Make a Scene actually reminds me of Read My Lips a lot, it sounds like a modern, updated version of it. Some of the tracks wouldn't feel out of place on Read My Lips and vice versa, but it still manages to sound fresh and current. I've not idea how she accomplished such a thing, but it's quite impressive.

Make A Scene (the track) is all kinds of amazing.

Songs like "Make a Scene" become next level shit, 11/10 songs,

It's the best pop album I've EVER heard.
I'm not going to sleep.

Speechless. I can't believe I'm actually finally listening to this album!
Make A Scene... It's like Read My Lips Sophie on some weird drug. It's the only way I can describe it. So utterly weird and wonky but awesome.
Magic just made every single hair on my body stand up, I swear. What a song!
Dial My Number is everything I hoped for and more. So good. The little breakdown before the last chorus - perfection.

I'm sorry, but this album is freaking A-mazing.
love this woman soooo much!

Album is awesome from start to finish. I honestly thought I'd be sitting here disappointed (It took me aaaaaages to get into Trip, and I cherry picked the songs I liked from the first two albums even though I could've gave them more attention at the time)

So so good!... Dial My Number and Make a Scene are my favourites righ now but Bittersweet continues being my top favourite.
Best album of the year

Finally listened to it straight through – like a good child I even listened to 1-7!
I don't know what else to say other than I'm so happy to be a Sophie Ellis-Bextor fan right now, and to be able to say that she has improved with each album she's released. This album is her finest moment yet, and I think it really promises great things for her future.

Wow, Synchronised was worth the wait.

Best album of the year. Not one bad track, although "Revolution" seems a bit odd next to the rest of the tracks. I see it as a small firecracker which prepares for the big disco terrorist attack which follows.
I absolutely love the '80s love affair "Dial My Number", the 8-bit Abba amazingness of "Off & On" and, last but not least, "Make A Scene" which ironically pisses over anything on the latest Metronomy album. I overlooked "Not Giving Up On Love" last year, but now it's one of my favourite Ellis-Bextor songs ever. Such a lovely - and heartbreaking - chorus. "Synchronised" is absolutely amazing too. The new "Today The Sun's On Us"? (I suppose it's quite different, but I love it in a similar way.)
Considering how much I love this album after just one listen, I'll probably put this on the top of my end of the year list.

I am blown away.
And oh my god. The album version of Under Your Touch is everything I could have ever wanted from an album version of a song I listened to 100x in live form. The violins at the end....
Amazing, amazing, amazing.
Revolution is fucking mental, by the way.
Such an improvement from the demo.

Baby Jane
The only thing that needs to be said about this album is short and simple:
best pop album of the year so far.

It's so fantastically retro, but in this bizarre, Oriental, space-agey way. It's a fantastic album.

No words, I'm stoned and I'm in like another world. Aliens and sex goddess' , dancing to some weird orgasmic insanity.
I cant. Best album of the year.

Mr Telephone Man
Not Giving Up On Love is heaven on earth, why could it not be longer?!?!
I just, this song, it's beautiful. I cried, it's perfect.


This really is fantastic. I was worried that it wouldn't be cohesive, but somehow all the songs work together perfectly. I agree with everyone who's said "Make A Scene" is the album highlight.
"Cut Straight to the Heart" uses the same melody as The Rapture's "No Sex for Ben." I wonder if that was intentional. It really surprised me at first.
I still prefer the longer version of "Revolution" with the extra "arm me/army/own me" (the best bit!), but I think I can get used to the album version.

I love how this is supposed to be a "dance album" because it totally isn't. The only dance numbers really are Bittersweet and Heartbreak in my opinion. I don't care though, i didn't really want a dance album. I still cannot believe how fantastic it is. Great job Ms. Sophie!

The Johnster
Listening to this is just such a relief, to hear the tracks finally! The quality is great - my favourites (apart from those we've already heard) are the title track, Dial My Number and Starlight (I'm counting it as a new track).
So with the overwhelmingly positive reaction to this, do we think there's any chance of some chart success? I'm still holding out a glimmer of hope - I'll hope for 4 weeks in the Top 40 but I think we'll probably see more like 2 in the top 75. Who knows though!
Sophie should be so proud.

All I can say is: what a release.

Magic has completely stolen my heart and sums up the album for me. The sentiment and delivery is absolutely on target. This and Synchronised are career highlights (when Sophie belts, it's an unexpected delight - more of that please).
I feel like this album could achieve legendary status (even more) on these boards, along the lines of Come and Get It. Much like that album, this is a once in 5 years event. I am going to be living my summer to this soundtrack.

My god this album is epic, isn't it? Magic is just stunning, utterly perfect, Make a Scene the song makes so much sense when you listen to the album, and it is by far the best song Sophie has done in years. I can't get enough of Under Your Touch and Dial My Number, and the singles (especially Not Giving Up On Love) are flawless. A five out of five, hands down. Absolute perfection. The closing of the album is beautiful

This album is absolutly amazing, her best album, I'm in love with "Under your touch"

New Flame
It's a massive album! I hope the praise doesn't only come from us, but also from the critics. Perez Hilton has already send his love on Twitter! I love how single handedly Sophie can knock out the shallow, talentless, but immensely popular, Britney Spears and the forced, commercial Lady Gaga! There's no way Born this Way will be better with those already mediocre singles. Sophie has always been more 'human' anyway. At this point, it doesn't really matter any more where Sophie will end up on the charts. How great would it be if Make a Scene ended up on 'Best albums'-lists at the end of year?

This album is one of the most magical I've listened to in years.

I'm blown away!
I liked (some songs on) her first three albums - even won a signed copy of the second album and I wasn't really a fan.
However, this album is brilliant and flows perfectly. The best tracks have to be Synchronised and Cut Straight to The Heart.

This thread is a shining example of how a thread should be on Popjustice.
This album is a shining example of how you can make great pop music without a load of pretentious nonsense hanging out the back end of it.
Result: Sophie is the queen.

Whilst I wasn't impressed by the album sampler, the full album itself is proving to be a really pleasant listen. It's a shame this didn't come out earlier when my interest was at a higher peak but I'll definitely be buying it when it arrives in the UK regardless. Good work Sophie!

I adore this album from start to finish. Would anyone get pissed off if I compared it to Rachel Stevens "Come & Get It", in terms of an excellent pop album which gets criminally ignored (well we don't know that for sure but at a good guess).

It's by far her best and most "party" album! Whilst still retaining that cool, sophisticated edge she has over other pop artists.
Really like the last track "Straight To The Heart" - the perfect end to the party.

Without taking anything away from her in terms of what she has achieved with this album it won't stop it from flopping. If it goes in the UK top 40 then it's actually done ok after how much of a mess it's all been. However, the songs are so amazing that it makes it such a crime. Listening to the album in full is such an incredible experience which I can't even truly put into words. It's such a work of art and something which she should be more than proud to be associated with.

Just finished listening to the album and all I can say is... WOW. It's so refreshing to listen to an album that is so cohesive without becoming repetitive and with an air of sophistication that comes from not relying on any "of-the-moment" gimmicks. I don't think Sophie's voices has ever sounded so strong or effortless and the production is generally pristine. The only negative is the title track is a dud unfortunately, but the rest of the album more than makes up for it.
Coming into the album with rather low expectations has definitely benefitted my listening experience and there is no way I am not buying this, I want a physical copy as soon as possible.

The album is amazing! Absolutely brilliant! Exactly what I was expecting from my Sophie: classy, clever, tasteful, catchy, adult pop with 80s influences and modern beats.
It shits all over Aphrodite, sorry Kylie, since, unlike that, it does really seem to have a soul!!! AND the lyrics are brilliant! This is what I mean when I say you can still make GREAT dance music with GOOD, ADULT, CLEVER lyrics and not inanely silly rhymes.
Thank God for Sophie, her beauty, her poshness, her Britishness, her stubborness in releasing slightly off-the-centre, quirky, clever pop in an age when popstars are as disposable and cheap as tissues.
"Make A Scene" is THE BEST pop album of the year, full stop.
Long Hail Queen Sophie! (Or maybe Goddess Sophie?)

Normally this record would merit a score in the A minus range; that she has gone to hell and back to get it out moves it straight to an A, with the back seven tracks outflanking GaGa's "Monster" EP in terms of quality and tone. NOT A CLINKER AMONG THE NEW TRACKS.
The low points come from two of the familiars - The Calderra track and The Armin track. Swap either for "Sophia Loren" and you've got an all-star platter. The Metornomy track is bonkers, "Magic" is as good as "Starlight", but "Under Your Touch" and "Dial My Number" are singles-worthy in the almost-a-must kind of way.

I wasn't the biggest fan of her last two albums to be honest (though I did really like Read My Lips), but my mate played this on the drive home, and it's amazing. Genuinely delighted for her.

Lost in Japan.
I love Can't Fight This Feeling! In fact it might be one of my favourite tracks on the album, I am in love with the entire first half + Synchronised right now though.

Not convinced? This will surely convince you then.

So pre-order the album now.


ismet çevik said...

where is the song "Sophia Loren"?
it was in bittersweet single

kaushik said...

Sophia Loren was a b-side. Its not a part of the album



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