Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's official. Starlight + album being released in the UK

*pinch me, i must be dreaming*

Starlight is going to be released on the 30th of May, followed by the Sophie's long awaited fourth album, Make A Scene, on the 6th of June. Here is what her official website says:
We're very pleased to announce that Sophie will release her new single ‘Starlight' on 30th May, followed by her new album ‘Make A Scene’ on 6th June.

‘Starlight’ is a perfect chilled dance anthem that is instantly catchy with a soft but edgy beat. It is a track that can easily take you from sun lounger by day to nightclub by evening and is the perfect summer anthem.

Sophie’s new album ‘Make A Scene’ is an exciting and energetic pop juggernaut on which Sophie was heavily involved with all parts, including co-writing much of it and working with an in-demand team of writers and producers that includes Freemasons, Greg Kurstin, Calvin Harris, Cathy Dennis, Metronomy, Hannah Robinson, Richard X and Armin Van Buuren.

The countdown starts here…
Although, nothing is stated about which label she is on currently. U-Music Russia handled the release of TTLF previously, and they are releasing Make A Scene in Russia. But we're not sure if she is still with Polydor Records. Sophie may have been shifted on to some other label under Universal who might handle this release in the UK. Details yet to come...

Peter PopJustice Robinson made Starlight the song of the day and called it "A nice song". His exact words were as follows:
It is so much easier being a Sophie Ellis-Bextor fan once you accept that she is never ever going to have another hit single.

Once you learn to live with that fact, and once you are able to leave behind questions like 'will Radio 1 play this?' (NO AND NEITHER WILL RADIO 2), 'will she promote it properly?' (SHE'LL DO HER BEST BUT NOBODY'S REALLY INTERESTED) and 'will it get into the Top 10?' (NO), all you are left with is one question: 'is the song any good?'.

And the answer here is 'not as good as some of her other songs but generally yes it is a really enjoyable listen and her voice is rather nice as per usual'.

Peter is probably annoyed with all the delays, but lets not ignore the fact that the song is The Song Of The Day. Here's hoping that the song gets good reviews from everyone. Buy the single or download from iTunes on 30th of May. Also, you can import the album from Russia after the 18th of April, if you want.



Andrew B said...

Your site looks fantastic. I love all the new art and the way you have advertised the past music and future music

el_tinto said...

I really love the new look of the site!

Anonymous said...

ooo that popjustice guy is a meany

Mathew said...

It's about time!!!! :D Can't wait for the album. Although I'm definitely going to buy a copy when it's released I won't be waiting till June to hear it.

The site looks great!



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