Friday, February 11, 2011

Sophie on the radio + new tweets

Dear @SophieEB if #MakeAScene #StraightToTheHeart or whatever u finally decide to name ur album isn't out by summer, i'll stop being ur fan
@carlosiberri well thanks for the threat ;-) but the album WILL be out by summer.

Has Sophie used CAPITAL LETTERS in her tweets before?
Has she used a smiley before? :o

And a treat for her Latin American fans:
  • i hear you, latin american fans. i will come and see you. x
  • woah that opened the floodgates! ok ok i will come to see all of you. have passport, will travel. x

Sophie is finally promoting the song on the radio. And the good thing is some stations are playing her song. Gaydar has A-listed the song as well. You can still keep voting for Sophie on Gaydar and MTV Dance. The links are in my previous post.

Here are some radio interviews:
Many thanks to Paul and Renzo for these interviews.

Interview on The Extra Big One (KMFM Extra)
Interview on The Extra Big One (KMFM Extra) by RenzoMV

Interview on Total Access
Interview on Total Access by RenzoMV

Interview on BBC Radio 2
Interview on BBC Radio 2 by RenzoMV

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