Monday, February 28, 2011

Sophie interviewed by SoSoGay

"I’m writing a new song with Junior Caldera"

Is Sophie looking for another mainstream floor-stomper? I hope so. Can't Fight This Feeling wasn't like her usual stuff, but it was great while it lasted. And it went down well on her tour. Collaborating with Junior Caldera again is definitely a good idea, and i hope something good comes out of it. Caldera is a talented DJ, and if he wishes to follow up his album with another Sophie single, then, here's wishing him all the success!

Here is a write up from The interviewer (a fellow PJ-er) sent in a couple of questions to her publicist and some of the questions sent in were answered. Here is his write up and interview.


Sophie, what have you been up to today?
I’m writing a new song with Junior Caldera (with whom I did a song called ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’) and so I’ve been getting my lyrics sorted today.

Why do you think you and Sophie Muller (video director for ‘Not Giving Up on Love’ among many others) always end up producing the most brilliant videos together? Which is your favourite that you’ve done with her?
I love Sophie and I think we always have fun together while she shoots such gorgeous footage. She really knows how to get the best out of women on camera, and over the years has become my friend. I think that comes across in the videos – the fact I feel comfortable and we laugh a lot while we work. To be honest it barely feels like working! My favourite with her is tricky to pick… Maybe ‘Music Gets the Best of Me’ because I think that one captures the side of me most like the ‘real’ me – how I am with my friends.

What do you have up your sleeve for album number five?
A new direction. No dance music: time for a change, methinks!

MORE QUESTIONS ANSWERED AT SOSOGAY.ORG. Click on the link above to read through.


Edgar said...

What version of Music gets the best of me is Sophie talking :S

kaushik said...

The beach version. She has mentioned this several times

Jesus Mancini said...

I'm Soo Glad that's her favorite video!!! It was filmed in my city, Malaga, Southern Spain! :D

Eden said...

great news that she is planning to work with Junior Caldera again!! but I think it will be either for a single for his album or a single since she said that for her 5th album no dance music! pitty

Eden said...

lol i meant for his album or for a separate single!

Eden said...

love the new design Kau :D



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