Saturday, February 19, 2011

A lot has been going on, and you should know...

We all know that Fascination was closed down and there were several rumours that AATW picked up Sophie. Someone recently confirmed that AATW actually picked her up. But that isn't actually true. A lot has been going on, and i think you ought to know this.

Recently, AATW posted this.
"No news on the album at this stage i'm afraid we are only working on the single at the moment. If that changes of course we will let you know."

One fan from PopJustice met Sophie and asked her what the situation is with her album. Here are some excerpts from his posts.
  • Fascination have now folded. She is no longer with the label... neither is she with AATW, that is the label for the single release only, they are Armin's.
  • She said that she is currently in negotiations with several names for the album's label upon release, and hasn't yet decided.
  • She looked very confused when I asked her about the rumours of a ten-track download only album. She raised an eyebrow and said "Oh no, the album's still coming out as planned before, nothing like that".
  • I finally asked if it wasn't a June release then and that April was still on the cards as before and she said "er well, it's definately still Spring.
It seems to me that Sophie has been going through quite a rough time, but she has kept calm and tried to keep us calm as well. I request all Sophie fans to go out and buy her album (if possible, buy two copies each) and support her. I have even more respect for her now, for trying to release this record. Please support Sophie.


Kim said...

Aww poor Sophie must be devastated. But like you mentioned on popjustice, she has dealt with the being dropped issue before, so she is handling herself very well. I hope she gets signed by Island Records. Lots of my favourite artists are there - Frankmusik, The Feeling, I Blame Coco etc

Dan said...

I thought all of this was just one big rumour. :( Are we ever going to get this album then?

Anonymous said...

well at least now we no it was not her fault. why she is so embarrassed about this then? getting dropped happens to everyone these days. and she hasnt dropped. her label is closed. she can find a new label. i hope she will.

Eden said...

Honestly, I think that this is great news for Sophie. I dont think Fascination was paying any attention to Sophie and that instead they were busy promoting other artists whereas Sophie was the best among them all. At least now, she can choose a better label who will promote her music much better :D

Anonymous said...

Fascination has NOT folded. Cheryl Cole is a part of the label and she is a big seller. Everything is still up and running. Not giving up on love has always been released on Armin's international label - Sophie is just using it as promotion for her album.

Wait until you see you a proper official interview from a girl herself before making silly assumptions.

kaushik said...

@anonymous Actually, Fascination has folded. This is old news. We've known this from the write up about Peter Lorainne parting ways with Universal. Fascination remains as a management company. They are still managing Cheryl Cole and the Saturdays. But they're not a label as such. And Sophie isn't signed onto them - or so she told a fan who met her at a concert.

kaushik said...

Just to be clear, a management company and a record label are different. Sophie's label was Fascination Records, and her management company is Wallace Productions.

Eden said...

well then, I think she should change both lol it started with her label, now hopefully a change in her management will come :P


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