Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sophie on Juice FM

Sophie on Juice FM by SOPHIERAZZI

- They talk about her being around for more than 10 years.
- She says she loves making music even more.
- She is appreciative about the work of her producers because the things she made on her own were really "rubbish".
- They talk about Richard + The Feeling and Sophie + Richard.
- Leave Me Out Of It - 80's cool ballad, she didn't write it, but she "really really" likes it.
- She think it can be quite unnerving about kids singing adult songs.
- Her new album is out in (let's say) May. The interviewer asks Sophie why it was delayed previously and she says it was largely because of Armin's tight schedule.
- The album is mastered, there's no touching it. It's finished.
- She talks about the making of NGUOL & Armin.
- She talks about her work with Calvin, Freemasons and Ed Harcourt.
- She was at home for New Years after several years.

EDIT - apparently this is a broadcast from 20th Jan.


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