Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sophie's 4th record will be out in Spring 2011.

Sophie was on BBC Radio Leicester this morning. Here are the highlights :
Touring next month
Setlist is gonna be all the singles, some stuff from the new record, some covers.
Situation with the new album - will be released in Spring (around April)

I made a fairly large post about my thoughts on PopJustice. I'll just quote the same thing here. But what are your thoughts?

I don't think she is blaming the DJs. Didn't someone here say that the project was going to have singles as DJ feat SEB etc., Seems like that was true. She confirmed that, well, sort of... Had Polydor not stopped Roger Sanchez from using that song she did with him, we would have a single now, and she wouldn't have said that.

The good thing is that she knows where she is and it's not like she believes she can still get away with a Christmas release. I appreciate her honesty for that. April release - i suppose i understand why she wants the album out in Spring. Remember, it was supposed to be out in Spring back when Sophia Loren was planned to be the lead single. It's a dance album, it wouldn't make much sense to release it in the winter when no one will care about it, unless of couse, it's something like Loud. There's your perfect winter dance album. Judging by Bittersweet, Not Giving Up On Love, Can't Fight This Feeling and Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer, i think the album is filled with summer anthems.

I hate to wait, just like any other person in this thread, but i think i will be okay with it eventually. We have waited 3 years. A few months really shouldn't matter that much. But i do hope and pray we have a single or two between now and the album. And hopefully that won't be CFTF....

I can think of several reasons for this delay:
1. Polydor have no interest in taking risks with her, so they want her to make enough money from her gigs and use that to fund this release.
2. My theory about a summer dance album
3. She intends on recording new songs
4. Polydor want people to disassociate the album with Bittersweet (which is tragic. so what if it flopped. it's the highlight of 2010 and deserves to be on the album. if it doesn't make it to the final cut, i will be very very disappointed)
5. Fascination couldn't really do much, but Polydor FINALLY have a plan in mind and they want to go about it that way
6. She has no record label and she is trying to release this on her own.

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Renzo said...

Just what I was talking to a russian fan few days ago. Is a dancey album (as she says) and must be released at the best time to dance, spring or summer.

*recharge more patience*

M. said...

We're around 7 years away from a Chinese Democracy, then. This is embarrassing... Poor Sophie! We're all gonna have to take a big breath and wait some more.

TheWV said...

SophieEB - Romeo

the Note is actually a download link... could anyone fix the interference... I'm 2 busy right now!!!


Eden said...

First, thanks a lot THEWV for the Romeo Demo, it's very nice :) I hope you can have an mp3 link soon!
As for the bad news of postponing the album, I totally hate it!
It's really boring how they use lame excuses to justify their lack of efforts!
I think that a dance album would do well in summer rather than in winter, but i mean come on, it's like people enjoying good dance anthems during winter, that's not true! it's not the choice of season that's gona determine if Sophie's album will be a hit or a flop, but it's more the kind of promotion that she'll do and to which extent! that only would affect the sales!
Moreover, am so afraid if she is going to record new material, because that could mean that some of the songs that were already scheduled on the ablum might not see daylight!!!! and end up stocked on the shelves just like the numerous unreleased songs that she has!!!!
the only positive thing that I could hope for to overcome this is:
- either she will be releasing songs from now till album release date which i doubt (her average is a song every 5 months or more maybe lol)
- if she is going to record new material, i hope she'll plan to release many singles with a lot of b-sides or bonus tracks :D that would be good lol

Eden said...

sorry i meant : it's like ppl do not enjoy dance anthems during winter,....

Renzo said...

'Romeo' actually is called 'Hype'.
More info in La Bex ;)



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