Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sophie & Armin are #1 in Lebanon

Sophie & Armin are #1 Lebanese Radio Charts after staying in the top 10 for the longest time. Congrats to Sophie and Armin. To celebrate, Sophierazzi gives away a wallpaper.

Side (left-1366x768. right-1024x768):

Center: (left-1366x768. right-1024x768):


Kraxpelax said...


Eden said...


Could be a false one, but I noticed that getyourheadstraight has 2 news songs on his youtube channel but I was not able to listen to them cos they are blocked in my country, please if anyone can check them and tell us if they are true indeed:

- I can still move to the music (i dont know if it's a new one or just part of the lyrics of move to the music)
- Love Heist (well we all heard part of this one, but maybe he posted the full one!)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPmAkPvUvLk&feature=related (check in the videos section)

kaushik said...

hi Eden. I checked those two a long time ago, and they're blocked. WMG has blocked the videos. you can never view them unless he re-uploads the songs

Danny said...

Check out this interview podcast with Sophie. It includes “Bittersweet” and “Not Giving Up on Love”
You can stream or download it from this link




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