Friday, November 19, 2010

An official Catch Up from (part 1 & 2)

Wextor asks - As your tour is about to kick off soon, I'd like to know if your fans can expect a new DVD from this tour? Watch My Lips is an amazing DVD!
SEB: Thank you. No DVD is planned for this tour but I might bring a crew out to film our Moscow show - it's the biggest date of the tour and such a fascinating city. I would quite like a little memento of that night.

KingRefusenik asks – What is your favourite lyric you have ever written and why? PLEASE come to glasgow! x
SEB: I think I am proudest of the lyrics for Today the Sun's on Us. I am the person in that song sometimes - I struggle to be truly relaxed and happy when life is good - I feel like something has to go wrong. I have to remind myself to enjoy the moment before it goes.

Newdoberman asks - Hi Sophie. David from Ireland here. Saw you at the Milk Festival. Had a great time. Did you enjoy it? Just wondering did you hear that Murder on the Dancefloor was used in the Eastenders episode where the Queen Vic burned down. Just before the fire started you were singing "Gonna burn this goddamn house right down". Quite the honour that you signalled the end of the Queen Vic.
SEB: Wow yes. Thank you for pointing that out - I had no idea. I used to watch lots of Eastenders and I remember when I heard my first band Theaudience, being played in the show - it was a bit of an 'I’ve made it' moment!

Anouk asks - Hello Sophie, just wondering. How was it like to work with Armin van Buuren, because the genre of his music is quite different? Xx
SEB: Fun! I love trying out new things. Armin's sound is different but he's at the top of his game and I think what makes his stuff special is that it crosses over. I love the track we did together and I am not a trance kid. That’s what sets him apart I guess - he is informed by different genres while he plays what he plays.

Chris_Sydney asks - Hello Sophie from sunny Sydney! I always look forward to your single releases because they are usually jam-packed with remixes. (I remember importing the German editions back in the early days because they often had more than the local releases!) Do you have a favourite remix of one of your songs? Love to you, as always.x
SEB: Hello chris! I am jealous of your sun. My favourite remix was an early one - jewels and stone remix of Take Me Home.

Dave H asks - Hey Sophie - so cool of you to do this. Since you go to Russia so much - what is the main thing you like best about it - and what is the thing you like least?
SEB: I love the foreign-ness of Russia. It's got such a rich history and whenever I tell people I am going, they always want to come too. Also the people are interesting and there's a lot of progression happening in youth culture - lots of exciting things occurring. Oh and some brilliant restaurants! The thing I like least is the journey although I am quite used to it now. This year I did a stint of 6 weekends in Russia out of 7 and towards the end I started to really flag - the commute was a bit much! Some great shows though.

Roman Sovrano asks - What music or artist are you listening at the moment?
SEB: I am still loving the latest Phoenix album and Arcade Fire's latest.

Nancy Buckland asks - I love your style Sophie and wanted to ask who your own personal style icon is? (Apart from your mum!)
SEB: My style icon is a combination of Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews as Maria, the doll Sindy and the cast of Grease.

Jeff Tilton asks - Will you ever tour the USA? Come to Las Vegas, We love you here!
SEB: I would love to do some shows in the US. I have never been to Las Vegas but I know I would love it. Start a petition, Jeff!

Gabby asks - Dear Sophie, for my fashion design class I decided to do a profile about your sense of style. It's a project I have to work on. So can you describe to me your sense of style, your likes and dislikes for your wardrobe. And you what you like to wear during different seasons?
SEB: Hello Gabby and thank you for the compliment. I think my style is quirky, colorful and feminine. I like quite sharp tailoring but am really influenced by the past. Anything from 50's to 80's can be found in my wardrobe - my friends always come to me if they have a fancy dress party. Hang on, that may not be a good thing....
My dislikes are things that are too baggy or try too hard. That being said I'm sure I have bought many things along those lines that looked great on someone else, but not on me.

Bashar Al-ani asks - If you have three wishes, what would they be?
SEB: To change the weather, to make good moments last longer and to be able to tidy up with the click of my fingers.

Onvoor Spelbaar asks - Hi Sophie, what kind of career would you have chosen if you had not venture into the media/music industry and why? Thanks a lot =), a fan from Malaysia.
SEB: Maybe being a writer. Either fiction or maybe a journalist. Having said that I am very slow, so if it takes 3 years to make an album, writing a book would take me forever!

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