Friday, November 19, 2010

Sophierazzi is now on Soundcloud as well. I have started with uploading 3 demos including the recent "The Hype" demo, only in much higher quality. You'll notice it sounds a lot less demo-ey.

Also, links to Sophierazzi's Youtube Channel and Soundcloud Channel are under the Sophierazzi banner (top). It's a lot easier now for all those of you who couldn't find me on youtube (thanks for your emails, i hope this helps you out.)

Sophierazzi - for anything Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Let the hype begin!


Eden said...

Congrats!!! :)

Dan said...

you know how to make us all happy :) and yes, that version on SoundCloud sounds so much better than the one you offered for download.

Will you offer that version for donwload sometime?

Kim said...

Congrats for the SoundCloud account. It was the best thing to do. Youtube sometimes deletes songs that are uploaded.

Thanks for untagging Romeo for us. What is the actual title. Romeo? The Hype? Hype? Romeo (Don't Believe The Hype)? I'm kinda confused.

I think i'll call it "The Hype" if it does not have a title. It makes it sound like an interesting title.

Renzo said...

Kim, the actual title is 'Hype' ;)

Kau, this is the result of the audio I sent you?

Sounds great now :)

Kim said...

Hi Renzo. Thank you for clearing it out. I think i'll still call it THE Hype. The THE adds a bit of mystery to the song.

Iris said...

Amazing! You're gourgeous! Tks!!!

Iris said...

Aw, we're not allowed to download thru Soundcloud :(
(after you upload the song I think there's an option to let ppl download)

You're still gorgeous though! :)

kaushik said...

i did activate the option to download the songs, but for some reason, it doesn't let you download.

Why don't you send me an email? I'll email the file to you. Lots of people from here did that. The others who had grabbing software did it themselves.

Iris said...

Aw, you're an angel, Kau! Tks!



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