Monday, January 4, 2010

New tweet confusion.

"tomorrow in the studio to record live strings. lush."

This was Sophie's recent tweet which sparked confusion among fans again. Sophie recently announced in some interview that the album was done. And while rumours about the new single hit the internet, this tweet left fans worried about another push-back in the album. (read here)

Sophie has not said anywhere that the album will be pushed back again. The new single "Your Love Is Bittersweet" will be out soon.

I have faith in you Sophie! Wishing the best for you


Andrew said...

Maybe she is just going back into the studio to record a new version of the single or add something to a remix. I really hope this album is done though because she already said it was. :|

Anonymous said...

Well, indeed it could be just another version of a song, a b-side or just a remix. However, a couple of days ago, I came across something that I didnt really like and it was that her album will come out in February not January. The site just brings news about the whole music industry so maybe it is not following her news day by day. Anyway, I hope it's not true and that the album comes out this month. I am really bored of waiting for nothing but bad surprises. She should not wait longer to release the single!

Anonymous said...

you're always saying bad things about Sophie, and I don't like it, aren't you a fan?
Couldn't she recording a song for using it as a b-side, a radio edit...?
Why are you so pessimist?

kaushik said...

I am a fan. I'm actually very supportive. I only realistic. Sorry but i don't see how my post is pessimistic



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