Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inside news...

Recently, Wextor (from Sophie-Online) posted about a demo CD in circulation inside Fascination. Apparently the songs included on that CD are - Synchronized, Starlight, Dial My Number, Off & On, Heartbreak, Under Your Touch, Sophia Loren.
But before this, i was informed that the tracks which were going to go on a CD for circulation inside Fascination would include Bittersweet, Make A Scene and a new mix of Off & On.

Also, Sophie has apparently recorded 4 other songs (according to Wextor and his source)
  1. Easier Said Than Done
  2. Get Right
  3. Hype
  4. Kitten On The Keys
But they might not make it to the final cut.


Anonymous said...

Is there any earthly way to have a listen to those demos :))))))))))))))


kaushik said...

Haha, patience Eden.

Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

I am so ready for Starlight!



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