Thursday, January 28, 2010

A little bit of inside info from a generous contributor

Thank you hidesebastian for this:


Anonymous said...

Hope she releases her album, at least, in July.....

Anonymous said...

I was positive that the song done by Arminn is gonna be huge, he's a great DJ. Last year he had a HUGE hit called "In and Out of Love" and he released several other great dance songs. So with Sophie, I cant imagine how the result is going to be!!!! Am so excited to hear it! hehe
On the other hand, am just so sick of the release plan, I dont think it is a good one, really, not because I'am a fan and I cant wait for the album, but the fact to have so much delay between the first single (and then have a second one) and then the album, it seems to me that sales wont be high. Once the album is done, am sure it will leak one way or the other, and if the first single was a hit, downloads will go crazy, illegal downloads that is and it will affect the sales! I mean, it's what happening to all other artists and Sophie wont be an exception! anyway, it's their choice but if something goes bad, well, they know whom to blame !

Anonymous said...

For those who doesnt know the song that I mentionned, here's the link
Hope you like it!
(Usually his tunes are more trance and dance than this one)



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